41 Relaxing Gifts for Anyone Who Just Needs a Minute

41 Relaxing Gifts for Anyone Who Just Needs a Minute

by Sue Jones
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With mounting deadlines, responsibilities, and an ongoing pandemic, it might feel like relaxing gifts won’t even begin to soothe the burnout many of us are feeling. But sometimes, supporting someone you love through the remainder of (yet another) tumultuous year looks like a sweet, thoughtful gift to remind them that they deserve to slow down. Thankfully, the internet has provided no shortage of options to help restore a much-needed sense of calm. After all, it’s hard to feel tense while snuggled under a comfy blanket with a melatonin-infused nightcap, right?

We get it, holiday shopping is overwhelming, and every year it seems like you have to order earlier and earlier. But here you can relieve yourself of shopping-related stress by scrolling through our curated relaxing gifts from brands like Parachute, Bearaby, and Kiehl’s. Since we’re all about self-care, we also highly encourage you to add a few of these R&R items to your personal stash. As they say, “Treat yo’self!” Whether you’re looking to gift your favorite person with spa-grade pampering at home, or are in search of useful products that offer a mental escape, below we’ve rounded up items that provide the best kind of vibe check.

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