5 Great Reads For Manifesting Your Dreams


The following books are fantastic sources of inspiration when it comes to both realising your dreams and finding ways to make them a part of your reality!

1. Dream Big: Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams and Laugh at Your Nightmares by Lisa Hammond

This inspirational book serves to present an alternative to structured planning, and demonstrates instead the importance of listening to yourself. Hammond talks about the best ways to discover your personal happiness, and how this connects to manifesting you dreams and accomplishing your goals.

Reading this book is a great way to affirm the fact that your life is your own, to be enjoyed and experienced as you wish. When you realise this then nothing will stop you from chasing your dreams!


2. It’s Up to You: A Practice to Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind by Karen Casey

This book is focused on three prime concepts – meditation, paying attention, and making choices that will truly change your life. Whilst reading this book you are invited to do these three things on a daily basis for 12 weeks. Committing to doing so will enable you to fully feel the benefits of embracing these concepts, and guide you to making them a consistent part of your life.

As well as leaving you better equipped to focus on your goals, practicing these three things will help you to work towards your dreams with greater clarity and enthusiasm.


3. Live the Life You Love: In Ten Easy Step-By Step Lessons by Barbara Sher

Avoiding living the life you want because you consider it to be impossible is a mistake that Barbara Sher tackles in this great read. She talks with wisdom on how it’s not necessary to wait for perfect moments to make big life changes, and how by making the decision to take immediate action you can create the life that you want.

This book is especially applicable to those who want to shake up their professional lives and build meaningful and fulfilling careers!


4. Instant Cosmic Ordering: Using Your Emotions To Get The Life You Want, Now! by Barbel Mohr

This book is an incredible insight into how it’s possible to use your emotions to create the life that you want and to manifest any dream. It shows you that by changing the way you think, you will be able to attract the things that you desire for yourself.

This is an ongoing process that can benefit many areas of your life, and help you to truly embrace lasting positive changes.


5. Defeating Your Self-Bully by Renee Hines

A lack of confidence can often be the biggest barrier to manifesting your dreams, and this book serves to help you overcome this problem. By showing you how you can build a purposeful life for yourself, and how to overcome low self-esteem, this book guides you to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of you and your goals.

When you change the way you treat yourself, then the way you perceive yourself can also quickly change. When this happens you will find you have much more confidence to pursue the things you want and accomplish your ambitions.

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