5 Transformative Lifestyle Changes You Can Make


Do you want to change your life? You’ve probably read dozens or even hundreds of articles that start with a similar premise and give you a list of “shoulds” that you already know you should be doing, whether that’s saving money, eating better or setting goals. But what about those big changes, those truly life-transforming steps you can take that can change everything? Sometimes, that’s all that will do, and below are five ways to experience a full transformation in your lifestyle.

Go to School

Going back to college and getting the education that you missed–or finally going back to study that field you wanted to in the first place–can change everything. You can be a waiter today and a particle physicist in a decade or go from delivery driving to delivering babies. Whether you always wanted to work in teaching, medicine, finance, or any other field, you can still do so, with your first step being to get the education that you need.

To take the first step, figure out what the education requirements are for whatever it is that you want to do and start researching colleges and financial aid. If you already have some college but had a low GPA, talk to the schools you’re considering about how you might make up for this. Some might allow you to take a class or two before you are formally enrolled. Online classes can allow you to work around such hurdles as having a full-time job or family responsibilities. Whatever stands in your way, talk to schools you’re considering about your issues and potential solutions.


Nobody should become a parent just because they’re looking for something different, but there is no question that this is one of the most profound changes you can undergo in a lifetime. It’s also the most irreversible. Whatever happens, you will always be a parent. Parenthood gives you the opportunity to shape a life although it also provides a window into how strongly character traits are set. Your child, you will most likely discover, is very much their own person, however much influence you have over them. At its best, parenthood means the beginning of one of the most extraordinary relationships you will enjoy for your entire life. If you’re undecided about whether it is right for you, it can help to spend time with a friend or relative’s children.

Business Owner

Starting your own business is another way to make an extraordinary life change. Some people start a business almost as an afterthought when a hobby or skill they have becomes more and more in demand and they find other people want to pay them for it. Others start with an idea and spend weeks, months or even years writing a business plan and carefully strategizing. Whatever approach you end up taking, you may want to sit down and write a business plan at some point, even if you’re already up and running.

This document, which can include information like a look at your competition, a marketing plan, and projected earnings, can help serve as a blueprint for you and can help you identify and shore up any weaknesses. If you want to start a business but you’re worried about financial instability, keep in mind that in many cases, you do not have to leave your day job. You should find out if there are any prohibitions at your workplace against running a side business. Over time, you may eventually want to transition to being a full-time small business owner.

Day Trader

Many people dream of starting their own business for the autonomy and money they hope it will bring them. The idea of day trading is often wrapped in a similar glamour for people, who imagine being able to move huge sums of money around and make a lot of money for minimal effort. This isn’t always quite the reality of day trading, but it can be an exciting, dynamic profession, and you can earn a great deal doing it.

Most day traders work in the stock market or in foreign exchange. If you don’t know much about either of these areas, the first thing you’ll need to do is start to educate yourself. This can be a lucrative profession, but you need to have the necessary know-how to succeed. You can use a day trading guide for beginners to help you get started, which includes plenty of tips as well as information on a day trading strategy to select.

Conquering Fear

This last category is the wild card, the free-for-all that lets you choose something you’ve always wanted to change and go for it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to skydive out of a plane to overcome your fear of heights although you certainly could. So much of feeling stuck in life is about being afraid to take the steps you need to seize the life that you really want. Maybe a career change, having kids or becoming self-employed aren’t the right paths for you, but what is, and how do you find it?

People have approached this question in a number of different ways. You can absolutely examine the fears that are holding you back and take steps to conquer them. For example, if you’d like to travel alone but you’re afraid to do so, try going somewhere you know well for a weekend alone to start. On the other hand, maybe you can’t put your finger on the transformation that you need. You just know that you need one. A great way to address this is by simply trying many new things. For example, you could start taking some classes or doing some volunteer work. You could also make a pledge to say yes to invitations as long as they are not dangerous or unsuitable in some other way, even those you would normally say no to. Through this, you could meet interesting people or end up engaged in activities you might not have tried otherwise but that you discover that you enjoy. You might even find yourself transformed simply through having a more open attitude toward life.


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