5 Ways to Get a Modern Farmhouse Front Porch


You don’t need to have a farmhouse to get a modern farmhouse porch. All you need is the desire and a home that will accommodate the look.

In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to create a modern farmhouse front porch on virtually any house.


 The first step us to invest in some palliside cladding. This is similar to standard vinyl cladding but more robust and will provide a more authentic farmhouse look.

In order to create a farmhouse porch, you’ll need the whole house to be clad. It won’t just look smart, it will help to protect your home for the future. It can also reduce your energy bills as you’ll be adding extra insulation to your home.

Light it Up

You need to invest in a traditional farmhouse style light. This should be one that hangs down from the inside of your porch. It’s best to go with one that is black as this looks more authentic.

To ensure you have the farmhouse look think along industrial lines.

Add Your Numbers

Your house needs a number and the best way to do this is to choose flat numbers that are simple but large enough to read from the street.

This tells the world the number of your home while helping to create that traditional farmhouse look.

They should be black, bronze, or nickel in color and contrast nicely against the cladding you’ve chosen.

Don’t forget, these shouldn’t be ornate.

Get The Chair

Every farmhouse has a rocking chair sat on its porch. It’s a tradition and a great way of unwinding after a tough day while watching the world go by.

You’ll need to go for a classic looking chair and make sure there is a pillow on it with a small table next to it. This creates the perfect image of a farmhouse, especially if you’re sat in the chair, sipping tea, while rapped in an old shawl!

The Door

You have a choice with the door. A farmhouse porch needs to highlight a solid wooden door, although it can be painted in a variety of colors. There should be a glass section that occupies between third and half the door, this allows you to see out from inside and helps to create the authentic look.

You can replace the door or simply paint the one you have, the answer to this will depend on your budget and what your current door looks like, as well as what condition it is in.

It is also a good idea to replace the door handle and other accessories on the door. Keep them dark in color, preferably matching the new light.

Don’t forget that if you have stairs to your porch they’ll need to be painted the same color as your siding, it will enhance the effect.

That’s it! Take a step back and admire your new farmhouse porch. Now all you have to do is transform the inside into your perfect home…

By Jesse Hughes

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