5 Ways to Make Your Home Pop


No one wants a boring home. The fact of the matter is, seasons change, like spring into summer. It is the perfect time for the appearance of your home to be changing. The available furnishings for your house change with every season, so it is around the beginning that you will find the best fresh new looks that can really make your home pop and stand out from the crowd. Take a look at five of the best and easiest ideas to inject a little personality into your home.


1. Invest in Vintage Planters

Having a space in your home that is dedicated to showcasing the beauties and wonders of nature is one thing that all people should do. However, it can be messy with all the soil and water. Well, vintage planters are here to save the day. They look amazing, and you can find any color, size, or design to match your decor. It is also really easy to replant your favorite plants. Planters are also really easy to move and arrange, giving you the last say in how they are displayed.


2. Change Up Your Doors

A door is a utilitarian piece of equipment, but a door can also say a lot about a home and the people who live there. Change up the whole door for a new look. Try a new barn door with barn style door hardware to give your existing door an exciting new makeover. Putting a brand new door in is a good idea, but many people just like to update their existing one with a new paint job or new hardware.


3. Update Your Dishware

While it is very common to have a set of basic white dishware on which to serve your meals, a fresh new look can give your kitchen a whole new vibe. Rather than the boring set that could be a standard-issue just about anywhere, think about something with a little more personality. The vintage vibe really works well here. When it comes to something that gets daily use, you want them to be durable but also beautiful. In this area, think vintage, think bright colors, think you.


4. Choose a New Color Palette

While stark white walls may not look out of place at a hospital, they are not inviting and do not give your home the air of comfort you so desperately want. Instead, choose a color palette consisting of the main color or two and then several accent colors in coordinating or complementary shades. The psychology of color is a school of thought that can really help you choose the right hues to inspire a feeling you want to create in your guests. For example, though warmer shades like red or orange can make someone feel excited or powerful, a cooler shade, like the blue or green of the sea, can have a calming effect. We do not often think of color having such powers, but scientific research shows us that it can.


5. Display a Collection

You want to have a place in your home where you can display the things you are passionate about. Whether it is trophies, antique dolls, or some other collectible item, they deserve a place of honor in your home. This is a great way to use things for a purpose other than which they had been intended. For example, a few boxes of varying height stacked together can give you a quirky and kitschy display surface. Take pride in the things you have done. Have your home proclaim your accomplishments.

Right now is the perfect time to change up your home and bring a breath of fresh air into your living quarters. You may end up buying some new things to give your home a whole new look, but you can repurpose or find a new life for a lot of things. To get vintage pieces with which to decorate your home, scour thrift stores or sidewalk sales. You never know what a neighbor could have packed away in their garage that will be a treasure to you.


By Jamie Roberts

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