5 Ways to Motivate Employees

by Lily White
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Nowadays, the hiring and recruitment environment is very competitive. Having the ability to keep hold of employees is vital if the business is to succeed. A low turnover rate is great for the bottom line and means the future is being created and built upon a strong foundation. Although an employee’s salary can contribute to how well they work and how happy they are with their job, there are many other factors you should think about. When an employee is highly satisfied with their job and how they are treated, they are generally more engaged, productive and most importantly, loyal to the company they work for. If you are concerned about how happy your employees are, then here are five things you can do to improve their mood in the workplace.



Making sure your workforce is engaged and remains competitive is important but can’t work as a benefit on its own. The top employers are the ones who create a work environment that feels connected to the organisation and has a positive atmosphere. Just make sure you are aware of how to make a work-life balance a priority.



Feedback is essential for the success of a company. If you aren’t honest with your employees, then things could go wrong very quickly because they won’t learn from their mistakes. Transparency is needed to help share what you have learned and to figure out the course of action required to solve the existing issue.



If you have high performers who go above and beyond for you and the company, then you should definitely consider giving them some kind of reward to show how much you appreciate their efforts. Extra holiday time is a great reward scheme to offer well-performing employees. It allows the hardest workers to have some much-needed time off and management can relax knowing that all the work will have been completed.



Communication is important in any work environment. You spend a lot of time with the people you work with, so being able to communicate effectively with these people is vital for keeping the peace in the workplace. You should try to boost the amount of communication that occurs in common areas because they can help break the silence and form collaborative conversations.

Adding snacks, beverages, and comfy furniture is a great way to lure people in. Make break areas a place where employees can relax without management breathing down their necks. That way, if they want to game in their lunch hour, they can do so freely.


Team Building

Bonding exercises can improve the relationships and dynamics within a group, which is essential for success and happiness. Group bonding could be carried out within or outside the workplace. Offering your employees an activity away from work every few months to improve relationships. This is useful upon your return to the workplace and fun for the team.

It doesn’t take much to motivate employees, but the results from these methods of motivation are extremely positive. At the end of the day, without your employees, the company you run wouldn’t be able to function. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.


By James Daniels


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