9 Ways to Make Your Mark with Your Business Launch Party


Deciding to start a business can be life-changing, and it could be one of the best choices you have ever made. It’s exciting to go out on your own and build an enterprise from the ground up, but it will take a lot of hard work and determination to make your business a success. From writing a concise, realistic business plan, carrying out market research, recruiting the right team of employees to help you, and offering excellent customer service, there is a lot to consider and put into motion. This in itself can be overwhelming, but with the right help and support, it is achievable.

After months of hard work putting your business together and getting ready to introduce it to the world, you deserve to have a little celebration. A business launch party is not just a great opportunity to bask in the fruits of your labor, it’s also a way to promote your brand and make a statement. If you are reaching the stage of putting together a launch event for your new business, here are some tips to help you manage this and make your mark as the new kid on the block.

1. What’s the Budget?

It can be easy to get carried away when you are event planning, and things like venue hire, catering, entertainment, etc., all cost money. It’s essential that before you start looking into anything like this, you determine a reasonable budget for your launch party. The first few years can always be tricky for new businesses, especially as you’re trying to establish your brand and attract new customers, and this can all have an impact on your business finances. The last thing you need is to find yourself in debt because you spent too much on a launch party, so make sure that you are being sensible. It might be helpful to factor in unforeseen expenses too, so set aside part of your budget as an emergency fund, but try to avoid dipping into that if you can.

2. Remember to Have Some Fun with Your Launch Party

This is a professional event, and you want to make sure that this is the impression you are giving to attendees, however, that doesn’t mean that your launch party can’t be good fun, too. It is a good opportunity to express a bit of brand personality, and it is a celebration rather than a strict corporate event. To help inject a bit of fun into your launch party, consider picking a theme for it that would also complement your brand. For example, if you are a company that specializes in natural beauty products, a garden party theme could work well. Having a theme for your launch party can also help when it comes to choosing decorations, venue, catering, and so forth.

3. Choosing a Venue

When it comes to picking a venue, there are some important factors to keep in mind. Finding one that suits your budget is key, but it should also be at an easy-to-reach location. If your launch event is in a place that isn’t near good transport links or is in the middle of nowhere, this might put people off from attending. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to get to your event, and think about features such as parking on-site or near the venue, whether it is accessible to those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility, does it comply with health and safety regulations, etc. You might also want to ask about possible catering packages that are available, as many venues can provide this for you. If not, you will need to hire an external catering service to provide your guests with refreshments throughout the event.

4. Entertainment

At some point in the evening, you should address your guests and make a speech to tell them more about your brand, your company goals, and to thank them for their attendance at your launch party. You might even plan to have a demonstration at some point during the event if you want to show off your new products, but this will not take up the entire evening. You should look at getting some entertainment to wow your guests and help to boost the party atmosphere. Live music is always a good choice, as this can help to create the right ambiance. You could hire an up-beat band to get people dancing, or choose a string quartet for a more elegant, relaxed affair. You can see a range of event musicians and other entertainers at Alive Network for some inspiration.

If you’re working with a smaller budget and can’t afford to hire live entertainment, consider organizing some fun activities that you can host yourself, such as a quiz with questions that reflect your brand, or a raffle with prizes to be won.

5. Gift Bags

Another nice touch to add to your launch party if you want to make an impression is preparing some gift bags for your guests to take home with them. You could include some free samples of your products if this is something your business offers, along with some branded merchandise. For the latter, think of useful items that your guest will have some purpose for, such as coffee mugs, stationery items, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats. You could also include some sweet treats such as truffles, mini bottles of wine or soft drinks, or even some nice teas and coffees.

6. Make Sure Your Branding is Visible

Picking a theme that reflects your business brand is important, but you need to make sure your company branding is visible throughout your launch event too. For example, having your company logo projected onto the walls or as the backdrop to the stage. You could also get a cake made with your company logo printed in edible icing. Drinks mats are another option and are relatively cheap to have made. You want people to walk away from your event with that image in their mind and your company name stuck in their memory.

7. Promoting Your Launch Party

If you want your launch party to be as successful as possible, you need to make sure that you are promoting this event in advance to help create some buzz around it. Social media platforms are great for this and can be a cheap way to advertise your event, but you should explore other options as well. For example, if you can get it mentioned in a local magazine or a relevant blog, this could also reach more interested parties who would like to attend. You should also set up an events page on sites such as Eventbrite, as this way guests can either purchase tickets if you are selling them or at least express their interest and intention to attend. At the very least, this can give you some idea of how many guests to expect at your event which can help you to feel more prepared.

If you are planning to invite specific people to your event, you should also think about sending out formal invitations to them to make a bigger impression. You can do this via email, but make sure that you have taken some time to carefully curate a graphic that you can send as an attachment. Alternatively, you can send out paper invitations instead.

8. The Guestlist

It is worth having your launch party open to the public as this can help to get the word out about your business and also allow your customer base to feel engaged from the very beginning. However, if you do want to keep it as a more private event for other industry professionals, this is also an option. Either way, make sure you are thinking carefully about who you want to directly invite to your event. For example, sending out invitations to local press or bloggers/influencers who might work well as promoters for your brand is a good idea. You should also make sure that all of your employees are invited, and allow them to bring a guest with them as they will want to show off their hard work to friends and relatives as well. If there are any VIP guests you would like to invite to your event, make sure to set aside some time at your launch party to personally greet them, particularly if you want to use this as a professional networking opportunity or want a good review.

9. Consider Live-streaming Parts of the Event

Another way to make more of a splash with your launch party is by giving people who could not attend in person the opportunity to see some of the action. Live-streaming parts of your event, whether it’s your speech/demonstration or if you want to show off the incredible entertainers you have hired for the party, could be a great way to get people excited about your new business and engage with more people. This is relatively easy to set up with social media platforms and could be a very useful way to boost your brand’s visibility even more.

After putting in so much hard work to establish your new business, it is important to celebrate and also introduce your brand to the rest of the world. If you want to make an impression at your business launch party, consider these tips and see how they could help you have that effect.

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