A Total War Saga: Troy Will Get Multiplayer This Week


Since its August launch, A Total War Saga: Troy has slowly been adding new features and content. This week, it’s finally adding one of its most highly anticipated features: multiplayer. Now that Total War players have had some time to practice against the game’s AI opponents, they’ll get to face off against up to seven other players as of Thursday, November 26.

As reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, the multiplayer update will add both competitive and co-operative play. Competitive games will allow custom matches with up to seven players, and can also be set on one of the game’s many community-made custom maps.

Co-op play will allow you to team up to play through the game’s campaign with a friend, though there aren’t many details available about how exactly co-op will work. The November 26 multiplayer launch is a beta, so expect some bugs and kinks that will still need to be ironed out.

GameSpot’s review of A Total War Saga: Troy rated the game 7/10, saying “at its best, Troy is a pretty epic series of bloody enjoyable battles that is just about as good as the series has delivered.” The downside was that there were simply “too many battles to fight” in the game’s campaign–but perhaps that grind will be improved with the addition of co-op, or more intelligent opponents to face off against.


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