Adult Swim Teases Live-Action Rick And Morty With Burping Christopher Lloyd


In advance of Rick & Morty’s Season 5 finale airing on September 5, Adult Swim has released a quick live-action video on Twitter featuring a belching Christopher Lloyd as the burping mad scientist. The video’s only 14 seconds, but seeing as how the finale will be a full hour, it’s reasonable to expect Lloyd will be in the episode for a sizable chunk.

The episode has recently been promoted as one that will ask the question, “Who is Rick without Morty?” And, apparently, Rick will take on a new companion–or likely, companions. The only other clue the tweet offers is the text “C-132,” which refers to that dimension in the show’s world. But until the episode airs, it’s anyone’s guess what it really means.

Even after Season 5 draws to a close, there is plenty more Rick and Morty coming–for example, the characters also coming to Fortnite. On the main flagship show, Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes of the series in 2018, and co-creator Dan Harmon stated earlier this year that the writing team was already working on Season 7.

And of course, any mention of Harmon also merits an update on the long-discussed Community movie. Both Harmon and star Joel McHale have recently, separately, come clean on different podcasts about the movie’s status–long story short, everyone involved really wants to make it, but it’s really down to Harmon coming up with an idea that feels worthwhile. Harmon has said the “gears are turning” to make it a reality.

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