AI and Cancer: Unlocking the Immune System (with Immunai’s Luis Voloch)

April 06, 2022

Today’s cancer therapies are difficult, expensive, and slow to create. But the combination of new computing and new biological technologies is leading to a better understanding of the human immune system, with the goal of offering a better class of cancer therapies.

Azeem Azhar speaks with Immunai co-founder and chief technology officer Luis Voloch about how AI is unlocking the secrets of the immune system and opening new avenues for novel cancer treatments.

They also discuss:

  • Why Luis and his co-founder, two machine learning engineers, decided to start a bio startup.
  • How Immunai uses single-cell genomics to map out the immune system.
  • The trajectory of Immunai’s experiments from the lab to the patient.


Further resources:
Scaling Synthetic Biology (with Gingko’s Reshma Shetty), Exponential View Podcast, 2022
The Future of Healthcare: Personalization and AI (with ZOE’s Jonathan Wolf), Exponential View Podcast, 2022

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