All-electric variant of upcoming BMW 7 Series will have an 8K panoramic screen for rear passengers


The big picture: Besides being the most luxurious vehicle in the German automaker’s lineup, the BMW 7 series has also been home to the company’s V12 engine for over three decades. However, the need for an increasing portfolio of EVs means the bragging rights have switched from cylinder counts and horsepower to connectivity, big screens and better mileage. This has led to the new all-electric BMW i7, which features an 8K display in the rear, and a 305-mile EPA range.

BMW offered a teaser of its upcoming i7 sedan, which is expected to be fully revealed next month, with sales to follow later this year. Alongside the gopping kidney grille that’s now become a staple of newer models, the i7 also has a party piece for rear passengers.

Called the ‘BMW Theatre Screen,’ this 31-inch 32:9 ultrawide display folds out of the car’s roof liner and streams content at 8K resolution. Combine it with the interior’s dynamic ambient lighting and panoramic sunroof with adjustable LEDs, and you’ll likely have little to no complaints from those lounging in the back seats.

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