Alo Moves Is Having a Rare Membership Special, and It’s a Steal

Alo Moves Is Having a Rare Membership Special, and It’s a Steal

by Sue Jones
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Well, here we are, nearing our one year anniversary of social distancing during the pandemic. Certain gyms have reopened, but most of us are still doing those at-home workouts via Zoom, Instagram Live, YouTube, and fitness apps for safety reasons. If you’re still exploring ways to move and exercise within your own space, there are some excellent at-home workout programs like Alo Moves (which is conveniently 50% off for an annual membership when you buy a gift box special from Nordstrom). 

Created by Alo Yoga, the luxe yoga and athleisure brand, Alo Moves is a comprehensive fitness platform. Originally $199, a one-year membership for digital classes is now marked down to $100. With that, you’ll get access to thousands of classes, which are downloadable, so you can work out anywhere and not worry about data usage.

You’re probably wondering, How is this different from the myriad other at-home workout programs and apps? I get it. In reality, most fitness apps are pretty similar, but if yoga-esque workouts are your go-to, Alo Moves is unmatched. While Alo’s primary focus is yoga, the app offers other types of fitness classes (from HIIT to pilates, and even stretching and strength training) plus meditation and breathwork sessions to help you wind down, as well.

To get you started, Alo Moves takes you through a quick survey to gauge your fitness interests, if there are specific styles you want to try (things like hatha or ashtanga yoga, core workouts, backbends, inversions, etc.), your experience level, your fitness goals, and your favorite teaching styles. You’ll get customized classes based on your answers, but you always have the option to search for something new. 

One of the biggest perks is the world class range of instructors featured on the platform. If you’re in the know, you may recognize some of the biggest names in yoga and fitness leading your daily workouts, like Patrick Beach, Briohny Smyth, and Talia Sutra. You’ll find classes like The Knockout, Beginner Power Vinyasa, Healthy Hips and Hamstrings, Chakra Sound Bath, and even bedtime yoga, all set to inspiring music with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds.

And when you think about it, $100 for a whole year of unlimited access to workouts, all led by esteemed instructors, is kind of a steal.

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