Apex Legends Legacy introduces a brand new season of lore. Join Jordan and Persia as they go over the Legacy Antigen story so far, including the in-game comics, the social comics, and Bangalore’s unfortunate news.

Jordan Ramée

In this video, Jordan and Persia go over all of the lore being introduced to season 9 of Apex Legends. Throughout the season, in-game comics and community-created comics will be released that tell many different sides to our Legends’ stories.

The Legacy Antigen story is introducing the Legacy Antigen that is a deadly toxin released from genetically modified vines. The legends desperately try to find a cure which involves an upcoming trip to Gaea, Valkyrie giving us the details on this new threat, and Bangalore truly having a bad time.

This video features chapters 1 through 4 of the in-game comics along with the community comics from the Prologue, “The Sins of the Father”, “The Boy Who Hated Gibraltar”, “The Truth Comes Out”, and “Wrong Wraith”.