Apple acquires classical music streaming platform Primephonic

Apple acquires classical music streaming platform Primephonic

by Lily White
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Apple Music has plans to delve more into classical music.

The tech giant recently announced its acquisition of Primephonic, a platform exclusively focused on streaming classical music. Apple will integrate Primephonic’s functionality and playlists within its own Apple Music streaming service, and plans to eventually launch a new dedicated classical music app sometime next year.

In a press release, Apple said that buying Primephonic will allow Apple Music to offer its users “a significantly improved classical music experience.” The company also explained that Primephonic’s playlists and “exclusive audio content” will be uploaded to Apple Music first, followed by its search features and detailed classical music metadata.

Following the acquisition, Primephonic announced it’s no longer accepting new subscribers and that the platform will officially shut down on September 7th. The classical music streaming service — which launched three years ago — says that its deal with Apple will help grow its audience.

“As a classical-only startup, we can not reach the majority of global classical listeners, especially those that listen to many other music genres as well,” said Primephonic on its website.

Current Primephonic subscribers will receive a pro-rated refund and a free six-month subscription to Apple Music.

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