Apple reportedly plans to release AirPods that can take your temperature

Apple reportedly plans to release AirPods that can take your temperature

by Lily White
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Apple is rumoured to have plans to bring more health-focused features to its AirPods.

According to The Wall Street Journal, potential health features could include taking the wearers’ temperature, monitoring posture and improving hearing. The Wall Street Journal says that the new ‘Conversation Boost’ feature that was recently added to the AirPods through an update could relate to the rumours surrounding hearing functionality.

These features “aren’t expected by next year and might never be rolled out to consumers or the timing could change,” says The Wall Street Journal. With this in mind, health features likely aren’t coming to the rumoured 3rd-gen AirPods that will reportedly be revealed on October 18th. Based on how Apple typically positions its wireless earbuds and headphones, this functionality sounds like it’s more destined for the next version of the company’s AirPods Pro.

It’s important to note that rumours surrounding Apple’s health tracking ambitions often don’t come to fruition. For example, last month rumours indicated the Apple Watch Series 7 would get the ability to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature, but that didn’t happen.

As such, it could be several years before these health features make it to a pair of Apple’s AirPods.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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