Astrology and Journalling – Keeping a Journal Makes Learning Astrology Easy and Fun



Did you know that keeping a journal is a dandy aid to learn astrology?

Journalling has many positive benefits. It provides a handy way of recording your thoughts, perceptions and ideas before they are lost to the demands of everyday living.

Astrology speaks through symbols. And a symbol expresses itself on many levels. So, when Neptune comes along to conjoin your Moon, does it mean that you are about to be taken to the cleaners emotionally, or that your heart is ready to receive? Or some other possibility or a combination of all three?

Aside from the obvious that an astrologer would want to see what else was going on in your chart, the reality is that your story will reflect the symbolism of the transit.

If you record the events of your daily life along with your thoughts, you can go back later and see what that transit meant for you. And your understanding of Neptune conjunct the Moon will deepen.

Quick moving, inner planet transits are particularly good for this. The day that the Sun conjoins Mercury may be a day that is particularly busy. You may find yourself seeking others to exchange news or move matters forward.

Next year when Sun conjoins Mercury, you will have a better idea of how the energy operates and how it feels so that you can handle it better.

The best way to proceed is to make journalling part of your daily routine. Choose a time of day that is convenient for you and your Journal. For some it is first thing in the morning or last thing before going to bed. The time of the day is not important, but consistency is.

You can record before or after checking on the daily planetary activity. There are benefits to both approaches.

Being conscious of the day’s transits will raise your awareness to look for the symbolism playing out throughout the day.

For example, on one day when Jupiter was being touched in my chart, I learned of a work opportunity through visiting the public library, received a call from a Sagittarius friend, and indulged in a tasty meal. Books and publishing, Sagittarius, and expanding waistlines are all associated with Jupiter. I kept myself open to Jupiter activities knowing the day’s planetary alignments.

The other approach is to record first and seek out the planetary correspondences later.

To do this, simply keep a journal or a diary the old fashioned way. Record your thoughts as you normally would without thought to the planetary actors in the heavens.

Then go back later-later can be defined any way you want-hours, days, months… and check out what what going on in the sky and how your chart was touched. You already have a record of the effects; both subjectively and objectively.



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