Persia talks about new gameplay revealed for Battlefield 2042, Hideo Kojima’s Director’s Cut trailer for Death Stranding which releases September 8th, Fortnite’s end of Season 7 live event, and an adorable new update for Ghosts of Tsushima.


In this video, Persia talks about the new gameplay of Battlefield 2042 that was released along with plans to change Falck’s Syrette pistol after feedback from the alpha.

She also covers the Director’s Cut trailer released on September 8th that was edited by Hideo Kojima himself and also discusses Fortnite’s upcoming event Operation: Sky Fire. This event will bring Fortnite Chapter 2 to a close and will be a limited-time event.

Lastly, Persia talks about a very important and very adorable update for Ghosts of Tsushima that adds new charm to its foxes of Ikki Island with heart-melting animations.

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