Best Black Friday 2020 TV deals: 32-inch smart TVs, 65-inch LG 4K OLED TVs available now, Sony TV deals coming soon

Best Black Friday 2020 TV deals: 32-inch smart TVs, 65-inch LG 4K OLED TVs available now, Sony TV deals coming soon

by Lily White
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Update, Dec. 2: Most of these Cyber Monday deals have expired. Please read our list of best Cyber Monday deals still available, and check out the CNET Holiday Gift Guide for our top gifts picks. 

A few Cyber Monday TV deals are still available, but now that the main shopping days are behind us they’re looking few and far between. There are still decent discounts available on big brands like Samsung, but a lot of the biggest discounts have expired, or are out of stock. 

We’ve collected our favorite TV deals from the best known retailers that are still available.

If you’re looking for a cheap TV, here’s a quick cheat sheet of what we’d call a “good deal” at each common screen size this season

  • 32-inch for $120
  • 40- to 43-inch for $150
  • 50-inch for $300
  • 55-inch for $350
  • 65-inch for $500
  • 75-inch for $700

The prices above are ballpark for TVs we typically don’t review at CNET. We don’t review them because their image quality is basically the same: mediocre, but possibly good enough for most people. Expect to pay hundreds more for better TVs.

Our favorite TV deals are curated below, and we’re constantly updating the list. Full disclosure, many of these deals were Black Friday deals that have carried through to Cyber Monday, but we’re putting the latest deals up top. Also, note that these deals are constantly in flux, and this article is being updated regularly to account for new, better deals and expired discounts.

Best Cyber Monday TVs sizes 82-, 70-, 65-inch

Samsung 82

Best Buy

How does an 82-inch Samsung grab you? No, we haven’t reviewed this model, but if you’re a Samsung fan and you want the absolute biggest screen you can get for your money, it’s going to be hard to beat this one.

Screen Shot 2020 11 02 At 4 53 07 Pm


We’ve never tested an Onn-branded TV (that’s Walmart’s in-house electronics line). But if you’re looking for a giant screen television running the Roku OS, here it is. This model appears to be a Black Friday special SKU, birthed for the end of 2020 and selling for just under $450. But that’s $200 less than this identically sized JVC model, also running Roku. 

042 Vizio Oled

Sarah Tew/CNET

We haven’t reviewed Vizio’s first OLED TV yet — the company has been late shipping samples due to COVID-19 — but Vizio TVs have performed well in past reviews and this price, compared to something like the LG CX below, might be too good to pass up. 

There’s also a 55-inch size on sale for $900, but it’s currently sold out online.

Best Cyber Monday TVs sizes 58-, 55-inch

Screen Shot 2020 11 16 At 10 19 10 Am


Part of Walmart’s Nov. 25 sale, this TV was also available at Best Buy for the same price — until it sold out there online. It’s not the cheapest TV on the market at this size, and we expect models like the Vizio M-Series (which has local dimming) to perform better, but if you like the Samsung brand, it’s a very good price.

Screen Shot 2020 11 28 At 9 38 18 Am


Looking for a dirt-cheap midsized TV? This Sceptre fits the bill. It has 4K resolution but its image quality is likely far less than the best 55-inch models, and it doesn’t even have a built-in smart TV system so you’ll need to factor in the price of a media streamer too, if you don’t have one of your own already. But this is still one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen on a TV this size, and it’s actually in stock. 

Best Cyber Monday TVs sizes 50-, 40-inch

Screen Shot 2020 10 28 At 12 41 23 Pm

Best Buy

TCL is best known for its Roku TVs, and we like the Roku smart TV system better than the Android TV version in this television, but for this price you can just buy a Roku Streaming Stick Plus, attach it to this TV and still come out ahead. Aside from its smarts we expect this 4-Series TV to perform “good enough,” just like the Roku equivalent. 

02 Tcl S325 S425 Series

Sarah Tew/CNET

This is one of the best deals we’ve seen this year on a TV with the Roku operating system, which we like better than Fire TV or Android TV — although it is a little more expensive. This is a 1080p model, not 4K, so it won’t get Roku’s AirPlay upgrade, but the lower resolution won’t affect picture quality much at this size.

Read our TCL S325 series (Roku TV) review.

Deals that have sold out or expired

The deals below are mostly gone, but since they could come back at any time, we’re keeping them here for now. Some of the TVs below may also be available in-store in your local area, even though they’re sold out online.

32 Toshiba Insignia Amazon Fire Tv Edition

Sarah Tew/CNET

The TVs above out of your budget? This Fire TV Edition from Insignia is cheap enough for just about everybody. We don’t like Amazon’s Fire TV as much as Roku because Fire TV menus push Amazon content too much and are more confusing in general compared with the simplicity of Roku TV. On the other hand, this TV has built-in Alexa, pairs well with an Echo Dot (pictured) and is $20 cheaper than the equivalent 32-inch Roku at Amazon.

Insignia 39 Inch Fire Tv 2


This Insignia has recently been selling for $150, but Best Buy sliced another $50 off the price, making it significantly cheaper than the similar-sized Roku TV (below). This one has been going in and out of stock at Best Buy however, making that Roku potentially easier to buy online.

Lg Bx Series 65 4K Uhd Smart Oled Tv


Now that the CX (see below) is largely sold out, one of the next-best OLED deals is LG’s entry-level BX model. You won’t get the fancy processing found on the CX but the BX is still likely to be an outstanding performer (and better than the Samsung Q80T below for just a bit more). If you can’t wait for the CX to return, this is a great consolation prize.

The BX is also available in a 65-inch size for $1,800 but we’d probably go with the Vizio below instead.

Read more.

001 Samsung Q80T Qled Tv Ovr

David Katzmaier/CNET

With a picture that outdoes any of the other TVs on this list and a price that’s a lot cheaper than the company’s 8K models, the Q80T strikes the right balance for Samsung fans who want excellent image quality. This deal at Walmart is $100 cheaper than elsewhere on the smallest (read: most affordable) size that offers all of the high-end extras.

Read our Samsung QN55Q80T review.

Lg Cx Series Oled Tv 2020 V1

Richard Peterson/CNET

That 55-inch version is excellent, but it’s out of stock. If you can afford it, get this 65-inch one instead. This is the sweet spot size for the LG CX — it’s big enough to really appreciate its stellar image quality.

Read our LG CX series review.

Screen Shot 2020 10 28 At 12 48 34 Pm

Best Buy

This is simply the best deal yet we’ve seen for Black Friday 2020. Slightly smaller than the 70-inch model and much cheaper, this TV will sell out fast once it appears. The catch? It’s not becoming available until Saturday, Nov. 28 — and we expect it to go out of stock immediately. Best Buy online deals usually hit the site sometime after midnight CT (1 a.m. ET, 10 p.m. PT). Good luck!

Insignia 50 Inch 4K Fire Tv 2020


This is a spectacular price on a 50-inch TV, so expect it to sell out almost immediately.

Roku 55


Yes, we’ve seen 55- and even 65-inch TVs this season selling for as little as $230 to $250, but they’ve mostly been models with Android TV This TCL model is a 2020 update of that company’s 4-series line. It’s got the latest Roku smart TV system — meaning you can get every channel except HBO Max, as well as that AirPlay update — and a whopping 4 HDMI inputs. And it only costs $30 more than the 50-inch model. Its 4K picture quality doesn’t match the step-up 6-series, but at this price, there’s little to complain about.

Read our review of the 2019 model.

Screen Shot 2020 11 11 At 10 46 39 Am

Best Buy

We haven’t reviewed this set and based on its specs we don’t expect it to match the picture quality of the best 75-inch models, but if you prioritize a big picture over everything else, this is the cheapest price we’ve seen for a 70-inch TV, period. Like the TCL, it runs Android TV.

002 Vizio V Series

Sarah Tew/CNET

We’ve seen 70-inch TVs come down to $400, but this is still a very good price on a gigantic TV. This model (V705x-H1) is very similar to the V705-H3, currently selling for $660. The V-Series is Vizio’s cheapest TV for 2020, and while we haven’t reviewed it, we expect entry-level picture quality: good enough for most people, but not as good as something like the M-Series. 



We haven’t reviewed this OLED, but we expect its image quality to be similar to the LG CX (as in: spectacular), and at Best Buy, the 65-inch size is on a deep sale at currently less than the CX. We’d still take the CX, however, mainly because the Sony lacks cutting-edge gaming extras. But if that doesn’t matter to you — or if the CX is out of stock — this is an excellent deal.

004 Sony Xbr

Sarah Tew/CNET

One of our favorite pre-Black Friday deals on an excellent television is back. The X900H has the best image quality of any TV on this list that’s not an OLED and includes cutting-edge connectivity that’s tailor-made for the new Xbox Series X and PS5.

Screen Shot 2020 11 10 At 10 08 54 Am


The best TV deal in Target’s early Black Friday sale is on another 70-inch TV we haven’t reviewed. LG’s OLED sets (see below) will deliver a much better picture but if you can’t afford a better TV, and the Hisense above doesn’t appeal to you, this is still a very good price.

This deal is currently out of stock online but may be available at your local store.

003 Lg Cx Oled Tv

David Katzmaier/CNET

The best TV we’ve ever reviewed is in a whole other league compared with the doorbusters on this list, and this is the best price of the year. We don’t expect it to go down too much further this year, but even if it does, the price drop won’t be massive.

Read our LG CX series review.

Screen Shot 2020 11 09 At 10 31 26 Am


This TV is the first item listed in Walmart’s Nov. 11 pre-Black Friday ad, so we expected it to sell out fast. The retailer’s Onn house brand isn’t known for world-beating image quality, but we expect it to perform about as well as the TCL 4-Series (see below) and it has the same great Roku operating system. 

Tcl 55S425

Speaking of TCL, this is the best price we’ve seen on a 55-inch TV this year. It’s basically the same as the 55S425 we liked so much, for around half of that model’s all-time lowest price. Just like that Onn TV above, we expect it to sell out fast. 

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