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Best casino games for beginners

by Lily White
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Playing games of chance has never been as popular. The online gaming revolution means that millions of people across the globe are now accessing the internet for some regular gaming fun.

Thanks to remote devices that we can carry with us, all the thrills and excitement of playing games are now available wherever and whenever we want.

You can easily enjoy a quick game of slots while waiting for a train – or enjoy a game of poker on your lunch break at work.

Whether you are a casual occasional player or researching what BonusFinder wrote about the best online casino sites, there’s a brilliant growing world of internet gaming out there whenever you want it.

As the industry grows, more and more online casinos are opening all the time. And they’re offering more and more games – and varieties of those games – to lure new players to their sites.

Because of this, sometimes it’s hard to know which games to play. If you’re a newcomer to online playing you may wonder where to get started.

So we’ve come up with the ultimate online casino list. These are the easiest and most fun games to get started with.

1. Slots

The most popular game at physical and online casinos is popular for a reason. It’s a simple formula – but brings a thrill to every game.

You press play and wait to see which symbols will appear in the reel windows. No matter how often you play, there’s still a flutter of excitement waiting for the symbols to appear.

Slots have become even more popular now they’re online. Game designers can give slots themes that make them look, sound and play better than ever.

Look out for slot games themed around your favourite band, film, TV show, superhero, historical character or even holiday destination. There are limitless possibilities on the internet – so have a go at enjoying some of them.

2. Bingo

It used to be a game played in community halls and converted cinemas – but now bingo is the latest internet sensation. Bingo has become cool.

Online bingo is fun and social yet retains the simple formula that has always made it a crowd-pleaser.

The numbers that used to be called out by a ‘teller’ pulling out balls with numbers on them are now presented after being selected by a foolproof random number generator.

But the rules are still the same – you simply cross off numbers as they are called out. If you make a line, a pre-determined pattern or fill your card you can win.

There’s a timeless thrill in trying to become the first to shout ‘bingo’ when your card is all crossed off.

Online bingo is now faster and more exciting than ever.

Bingo is one of the cheapest casino games so you generally get more fun for your money. And there are always lots of chances to win.

3. Roulette

The most traditional casino table game is now an online favourite too. Roulette makes a good choice for beginners as it’s so easy and yet every game is different.

There’s always a feeling of old-school casino glamour about roulette, even if you are playing on the bus in the rain.

The silver ball bouncing around the spinning wheel is a digital graphic now – and the number that it falls into is randomly generated. That makes it just as exciting to see the result of every online spin as it used to be at a physical casino.

The game offers the choice of making simple bets, like red or black. As you become more confident, then it’s easy to step up to more complex bets with different odds.

This variety in roulette makes it a good way to learn about gambling and understand probability.

4. Blackjack

In blackjack, you take on the dealer, face-to-face. That’s always quite a thrill – and thanks to the internet, you can play it anytime, anywhere.

The dealer may be a graphic on your screen or even a live-streamed real dealer, but the excitement of playing against someone always adds to the fun.

The game itself is still played as it always has been.

Players are trying to get a hand that totals as close to 21 as possible. If you draw a card that takes you over 21 you are a ‘bust’.

It’s still all about probabilities and making decisions based on incomplete information. Blackjack can help teach beginners about choosing gaming strategies and sticking to them.

Of course, every player prefers different aspects of different games. We think these simple classics are the best way to get started in the world of online casinos.

It may seem daunting at first but don’t forget – gaming is all about having fun. It’s important to enjoy every stage – including learning how to play!


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