Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend


Your best friend is the first person you tell everything to. He or she has been there for you through thick and thin and now their birthday is fast approaching and you have no idea what to get them. Even if you’ve known them for years and the gifts you’ve gotten them in the past was perfect, like their favourite book or a new video game. Maybe this time you are having a difficult time figuring out what to get the one person who deserves the best gift you can give them.

Fear not. Here is a list of gift ideas that will blow your best friend’s socks right off:

 1. A Bestie Gift Hamper

It might sound silly and yes, it does conjure up images of cheap candy in an ugly basket. Well, since those early days gift hampers have come a long way. You can now purchase gorgeous made up baskets with luxury items that are beautifully wrapped up and delivered where ever you need it to go.

You can either pick an already made up hamper or choose to create your own by choosing what products you want in the gift. This way you can pick exactly what you know you’re best friend will love.

2. A Road Trip

A weekend away with your best friend is a great gift, one where you can spend quality time together and create new memories. Pick someplace you went to a long time ago then see how much it has changed, or pick a new place, maybe somewhere your friend has always wanted to visit.

Pack delicious snacks for the road and download a few podcasts and nostalgic playlists, make your own if you’re up to it. Don’t forget to pack the camera.

3Concert Tickets

If you’re lucky your besties favourite or second favourite band might be playing in the near future. Make sure to be ahead of the crowd and get tickets before they’re sold out. You can also splurge and get front row seats if you the means. It doesn’t matter, your best friend will love a night out on the town. If they have a favourite restaurant you can also get something to eat before heading out to enjoy the concert.

4. A Subscription

Everyone has their favourite hobbies. Be it train models, movies or even bird watching. A quick search on the internet will pull up plenty of great subscription services about almost everything. A yearly subscription to a bird watching magazine or paying for a service like Netflix so your friend can enjoy their favourite series and movies in the comfort of their own home can be the gift that keeps on giving.

No matter what their interest there is bound to be something for them.

5. Custom-Made

People make beautiful things. Deciding on having a gift custom made can be the difference between a plain piece of jewellery or something a lot more personal. No-one knows your best friend’s taste better than you do, so this idea is more of an open suggestion.

You could have something made for their home like taking a whole bunch of photos of the two of you and displaying them in a beautiful large frame. Or you could buy a tattoo voucher so they can decide on what they want. A custom-designed mug with their pet on it is always a winner. Have a journal engraved with his or her name if they enjoy writing. The sky truly is the limit, all you have to do is decide what would be the perfect custom gift Hampers.

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