Blogging 101 – A Business Owner's Guide to the Components of a Blog


The term "blogging" is one that most of us have heard by now and many of us have a basic understanding of what it means, at least from a reader's point. But understanding what a blog is from a business standpoint requires a few more details. Before hiring a copywriter to manage your businesses blog or before deciding to go for it on your own, you will want to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the "blog," in order to reap all of the potential benefits of your hard work .

The simple definition of the term "blog" is that it is a website on the Internet on which a person or multiple people make posts relating to a specific topic, although many blogs these days do cover a wide range of topics. For the sake of simplicity, though, we will discuss blogs that relate to a single topic, specifically those that are designed to be used by a business. These types of blogs differ in that they have a purpose beyond comprehensive sharing information about a particular topic, because the goal of a business blog is to drive traffic to your website by providing informative content to readers. Through the rest of this post we will discuss what fundamental components are needed in order to reach that objective.

The Blog Title – The title is the most important component of every blog post, not only because it is the first thing readers will see, but also because it will tell readers what is contained within your post. So, first and foremost you want your title to be catchy but not over the top. It's important to make sure that your title does not sound like every other title out there that relates to the same topic you're posting about. In addition to making your blog title stand out to the reader, though, you will also want to make it stand out to search engines. This is where keywords come in, but it is certainly not the last place you will use them. Keyword research is important because you need to determine which ones will make your content stand out and where to place them in your title to get the best results. A copywriter that adheres to these blog title rules will provide you with the best results when it comes to content marketing.

Keywords for Your Blog – Once you have done your research regarding keywords, not only for a specific post but for your blog or website as a whole, you will need to strategically place them in your blog posts as well. There are some pretty specific rules regarding where keywords should be placed but you should not over think it, or over use them. Headings are great places for keywords, for starters, but they should not make the heading confusing or too long. The beginning and end of a post should also contain one or more of your keywords if you can fit them in without compromising the content. A copywriter managing your business blog will handle all of this for you, but learning more about keywords can still be beneficial to you and your business.

Understanding the Significance of Appearance – The appearance of a blog is often an afterthought for many business owners and it is not until it's too late that they realize the importance of this major component. Not only do you want the appearance of your blog to say something about your brand, but you want it to not annoy your readers either. Having a lot of clutter on your page, a lot of flash that makes it difficult to read, and a design that makes it hard to navigate will likely make readers leave and go find informative content somewhere that does not give them a headache. Your copywriter should take this into consideration when developing your blog.

Content, Content, Content – Your Highest Priority – Finally, the most important element of your blog is the content. This can not be stressed enough and should always be on your mind. A blog is nothing without the content contained within. If your copywriter is to be successful at getting you more traffic, and more importantly more business, then they need to be a master of content, because this is what your readers are there for. Your blog should have good content and it should be provided to your readers regularly, and if it is your readership you will quickly grow.

Conclusion – The concept behind the idea of ​​a "blog post" is not very complex, but the elements that make a blog perform its intended function are a little bit more difficult to grasp. There are many components that come in to play in order to use blogging as a way to increase traffic to a website. Fortunately, there are many tools out there that you can use to start your own blog, if you have the time and patience to learn how to use them. For some, it simply makes more sense to hire a copywriter, but if you decide to go it alone be sure to include these very important components.


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