Brandi Glanville Is Recovering From a Mystery Hand Infection That Sent Her to the ER

Brandi Glanville Is Recovering From a Mystery Hand Infection That Sent Her to the ER

by Sue Jones
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Brandi Glanville was admitted to the ER this week with a mystery hand infection that may have been caused by a spider bite. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum shared updates on her hospitalization and recovery on social media.

“I think I got bit by something in the night!:/I have so much to do today I’m not sure I can go to the doctor,” Glanville wrote in a tweet on August 3, 2021, alongside a photo of her hand looking noticeably red and swollen. 

But she did end up going to the hospital after all. “My little piggy hoofer has an infected bite of some kind (not human) spending my day at ER I wanted to leave but they said I could lose a limb so I’m chilling -ON A TUESDAY!!!!” she wrote in another tweet. 

Glanville also shared an update on Instagram. “Hey guys yes I was admitted to the hospital yesterday and I have amazing first responders taking care of me!” she wrote. “We are not exactly sure what we are dealing with we believe it may be an infected spider bite💗More tests to run.” Finally, on August 5, Glanville shared that the swelling was “starting to go down.”

In most cases, spider bites cause only mild reactions in humans, the Mayo Clinic says. But there are a few types of venomous spiders in the U.S. that can cause more severe issues. A bite from a brown recluse spider, for instance, may start with mild stinging but progress to more serious pain within eight hours. The area around the bite may also develop a blue or purple bruise-like pattern with a red ring around it. 

With a black widow bite, the pain often starts off mild with some swelling and red marks. But it can become more severe and also come with feelings of stiffness, the Mayo Clinic explains. A black widow bite might also lead to more widespread symptoms, such as abdominal pain, excessive sweating, and cramps. 

Although Glanville hasn’t shared whether or not a spider bite is the true cause of her hand infection, her posts are a good reminder to check in with a doctor if you develop a mysterious reaction like this. If you were bitten by a spider but you’re not sure if it was a dangerous one or not, you should seek medical care just in case. And if you’re experiencing severe symptoms—like intense pain, swelling, or abdominal cramps—you should definitely get medical attention.


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