Building Brand Awareness: 7 Ways To Educate Customers In The Classroom & Simultaneously Build Brand



The business world has long recognized the value of creating a recognizable and clearly defined brand. From top business executives to entrepreneurs striving everyday in their communities, and from traditional corporations to the Internet, building brand awareness is the most significant marketing practice today. I it always will be as consumers continue to seek out their favorite brands.

Your customers are navigating a bewildering range of channels and feverishly marketed products before making a purchase decision. We are so bombarded by product brands that we are barely conscious of them much of the time.

In order to compete in today’s cluttered marketing environment, businesses need access to America’s future customers. They need to start building brand awareness in the classroom before buying and brand loyalty patterns are set.

Here Are My Top 7 Ways To Educate Customers In The Classroom & Simultaneously Build Brand Awareness

1. Distribute product literature and/or give free product samples to learning institutions. Learning institutions are usually open to learn about business products that would enhance and add value to what is being taught in the classroom.

2. Establish information/demonstration booths in the classroom. The classroom information/demonstration booth will allow students to interact with your company’s product and provide ongoing information to potential customers as they develop their own buying power. Your conversion rates will be much higher due to the education that is available to the students.

3. Give free training on the use and benefits of the product. This is a perfect opportunity to give students hands on training, and teach them about your product’s value.

4. Encourage educators to include information about your product or services in a curriculum guide. This one tip has the potential to multiply your market base nation-wide.

5. Offer a contest that empowers students to buy and use your product. Sponsor a writing contest or a Future Business Leader of American competition and make one of the rewards a gift certificate. It’s a proven fact that most consumers spend more than the value of the gift card.

6. Distribute logos to learning institutions. Instructors can use logos in the classroom to help students learn about branding and how companies use this concept to communicate their identity and market their products.

7. Offer information on production of the goods and how profit is made. Students who are inclined to develop their own products or become business managers will find this of great value.

Benefits of Building Brand Awareness in the Classroom

Customers who are familiar with a certain brand are more likely to remain loyal regardless of inflation. By demonstrating your corporate social responsibility and promoting worthwhile educational programs that bring the needs of educators together with your business needs, you can easily distinguish your product from other brands.

Education marketing helps empower customers to become long-term buyers. Using products in the classroom allows potential customers to interact with (and become conditioned to) your goods and services. By educating customers in the classroom, you will increase your brand awareness, build loyalty, influence spending patterns, and engage in viral word of mouth marketing all at the same time.



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