Call Of Duty: Warzone All Chemical Weapon Research Labs Locations

Call Of Duty: Warzone All Chemical Weapon Research Labs Locations

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Call of Duty Season 2 is live for Warzone, bringing new points of interests related to chemical warfare and the new Nebula V gas. Here we guide you to all seven of Caldera’s Chemical Weapon Research Labs, which are underground facilities containing mysteries and high-quality loot.

How to locate the Chemical Weapon Research Labs

Inside The Lab At The Power Plant
Inside the lab at the Power Plant

The seven labs are fairly easy to pinpoint, as the locations are marked with yellow circles on the map. However, it only marks the general area, so you still need to know what you’re looking for in these highlighted areas. These are the round metal hatches previously found locked on Caldera. There are 13 underground bunker hatches on the island, but only seven are unlocked and used for these special chemical labs.


Dock Bunker Location
Dock bunker location

At the southern portion of the Docks. The hatch is pretty easy to spot, as it can be found out in the open near a truck in the Industrial Docks area just south of the actual shipping docks. It’s near a Buy Station.


Bunker Location Near The Runway
Bunker location near the Runway

In the large military bunker just outside of the Runway, which is recognizable as the remastered version of Zombies’ Nacht der Untoten from Call of Duty: World at War. This is a new hatch location found inside a small room on the ground floor of the building.


The Mines Bunker Location
The Mines bunker location

In a grassy area just west of the mines. The hatch is located very high up on a cliffside overlooking the Mines. It’s labeled as the Phosphate Mines area, and it can be found next to a large bulldozer overlooking the mines.

Power Plant

The Power Plant Bunker Hidden Behind Waterfall
The Power Plant bunker hidden behind waterfall

The sneakiest Chemical Weapon Research Labs is found near Caldera’s Power Plant. There’s a waterfall that runs down the middle of the area. You’ll find this hatch by traveling to the waterfall and walking through the left hand side of the falls. The hatch is located in the mineshaft hidden behind the falls.


Lagoon Bunker Location
Lagoon bunker location

This hatch is very easy to spot. Just head to the Lagoon on the eastern coast of the island. Captain Butcher’s crashed plane and the bunker he found in the Season 1 trailer for Caldera can be found in the Clear Water Lagoon section of the island’s western coast. It’s near a hut just north of the crash site.


Resort Bunker Location
Resort bunker location

The Resort hatch is located on a small, grassy hill. It’s pretty easy to hunt down this bunker, as the hatch is directly south of the large, yellow clocktower at the Resort.

Plentiful Fields

Plentiful Fields Bunker Location
Plentiful Fields bunker location

The hatch at Plentiful Fields can be found at the back of the fields. It’s behind two blue and white striped giant silos. There are more silos on the map, but you’re specifically looking for the ones that are white with a blue stripe around the middle.

Some players seem to be getting Morse code when interacting with the bunkers. The inside of each bunker is slightly different, but the Plentiful Fields bunker includes a radio that seems to be providing pieces of the code, meaning this could be the start of a new Warzone bunker Easter egg.

These Chemical Weapon Research Labs usually offer high-quality loot with items like killstreaks and orange supply crates, but they are also worth exploring if you enjoy Easter egg hunts. We’ll cover any potential Easter eggs discovered within these underground labs. If you’re looking for the best weapon loadouts to use in Warzone, we have a guide for best loadout recommendations.

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