Can I still have kids after a scrotoplasty?


While aging remains one of the biggest reasons for sagging scrotums, men who are considering children later in life report feeling worried that scrotoplasty surgery will impact their ability to have children.

Fear over being able to father children often occurs because men assume that the testes are involved or could be damaged during scrotoplasty surgery.

But is this true? Will scrotoplasty reduce your ability to have kids?

Are my testicles safe during a scrotoplasty?

The scrotum itself has many layers, including nerves, veins, arteries, and the scrotal sac. This scrotal sac contains many important blood vessels and the testes themselves.

When the scrotum’s excess skin is removed, this is done at the top of the scrotum, ensuring that the scrotal sac remains completely untouched, keeping the testes and other sexual organs, including the duct system and accessory glands, safe and secure.

There will then be no negative effect on your ability to produce, mature, and ejaculate sperm in the hopes of having a child after scrotoplasty surgery.

Will scrotoplasty recovery reduce my chance of having children?

To increase your chances of conception, it is encouraged that couples are sexually intimate every 2-3 days.

As such, men may be worried that the six-week recovery window after scrotoplasty will reduce their chances of conceiving.

Happily, you have no need to fear.

While of course, you will not be able to try to conceive during your recovery period, there are currently no medical studies that suggest sperm quality, motility, or shape will be affected by periods of abstinence in the long term.

This means that once you are able to be physically intimate again with your partner, you should have no reason that your sperm will not be healthy enough to conceive a child.

How to find scrotoplasty urologists in the UK?

As with all things, if you are looking for a clinic to undergo a scrotoplasty procedure, research is your best friend.

Check patient reviews on their own websites and on impartial sites, speak to as many urologists as you can, and search for recommendations.

This will allow you to choose a scrotoplasty clinic that will leave you safe and looking and feeling great, without impacting on your ability to father children in the future.


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