CBD Cart Review – Should You Buy It?

by Lily White
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CBD is the new hit in the world of mild, non-pharmaceutical therapy for pain, anxiety, and stress. It’s well-known for its sedative, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties, and what’s more – it’s not intoxicating like a weed. Thus, millions of people have rushed to buy various CBD products to address their health issues.

One method you may use to get the whole bunch of CBD properties is a CBD cart. It is a convenient device that allows smoking the evaporated CBD on the go and has no unpleasant flavor. All you need to do is take a shot and inhale the cloud of smooth, rich smoke your CBD cart produces. Thus, it’s a universal method of CBD intake in public places.

However, instead of rushing to google “CBD vape carts near me,” you should study the mechanism of their activity and choose a high-quality product from a reputable, ethical brand. Otherwise, you may suffer from undesirable side effects, improper dosage, or hazardous chemicals included in CBD vape juice by dubious manufacturers. Here we cover the essentials of CBD cartridge use, explain the criteria of CBD cart selection, and focus on their benefits for your health.

What Are CBD Carts?

Let’s start with the basics – by defining the CBD cartridge. In two words, it’s a small container filled with CBD vape liquid, or juice, that evaporates once you inhale the air and activate its internal battery. You can try out numerous flavors or consume the old-school, naturally flavored CBD vape liquid for an authentic hemp consumption experience.

CBD carts usually contain from 0.5g to 1g of CBD liquid, which makes them discreet and portable. The CBD liquid in the cart may contain only CBD extracts or come with additional terpenes and cannabinoids for the richness and diversity of the user experience. Some users may also try CBD+THC cartridges if they need THC for treatment; however, these combinations are available only on prescription.

Pros of Using CBD Carts

There are many scary stories about allergies to vaping devices or unexpected explosions of cartridges and vaping pens in the hands of unsuspecting users. But they should not turn you away from this safe and promising method of CBD consumption, as such emergencies usually happen with low-quality, counterfeit products. If you know how to choose a reputable brand and utilize only certified CBD carts, nothing like that could happen to you.

So, what makes CBD use via cartridges so beneficial? Let’s cover a couple of reasons for considering them convenient, affordable, and preferable for users.

Carts Are Allowed on Planes (With Exceptions)

Users often ask, “are CBD carts allowed on planes?” Indeed, traveling with CBD carts is a desirable option for many users, as they can take a shot or two of CBD at any moment. Most airports have areas for smokers, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to get your dose of pain relief or reduce the level of flight anxiety.

However, things are not that simple with CBD carts; first, there is a legal limit on your cart’s container volume. Second, lithium batteries are allowed only in carry-on luggage and cannot be put into checked luggage because of fire and explosion concerns. Third, you should not bring CBD to states and countries with a legal ban on weed in all forms, as the CBD cart can get you into trouble.

They Offer Quick Pain Relief

Studies reveal that vaping CBD with the help of pens or cartridges is the quickest way to get CBD absorbed into your lungs and produce the desired effect. Thus, if you suffer from panic attacks, intense stress, or pain, it’s better to have a CBD cart with you to manage those symptoms quickly and effectively. Otherwise, you will need to endure pain or stress when waiting for the CBD Softgels or tinctures to get absorbed in the gut.

They Are Affordable

It’s easy to start your CBD journey with CBD carts, as one-time devices start at around $10-15 per cart. Thus, you can make a safe bet by trying a cart or two and finding your preferable taste, potency, and brand.

They Offer a Rich Variety of Flavors and Potency Levels

The market for CBD carts is awash with hundreds of flavors and CBD varieties. Users are spoilt for choice and can pick exotic flavors like Coca-Cola, pineapple, energy drinks, and spice. Thus, the process of enjoying CBD on the go becomes easy, convenient, and delicious with the mouthwatering aromas and flavorless smoke that doesn’t stick to your clothing and hair.

Cons of Using CBD Carts

The potential downsides of choosing this CBD intake method should also be considered when weighing the CVD cart versus other CBD remedies. Here are a couple of negatives you need to keep in mind.

They Require Recharging and Refilling

One specific minus of cartridges (if you opt for refillable ones) is that you need to stay close to a socket to have your CBD supply 24/7. Of course, modern batteries are more lasting and can hold some energy stock for several days, but you’re always at a risk of having your CBD cart off at the moment you need it the most. Thus, a solution is either to buy disposable cartridges that go to the trash once the stock of puffs is over or to monitor the battery and recharge the cart regularly.

They Can Collapse if Thrown on the Floor

Another hazard with CBD carts is that they break easily. One clumsy move is enough to have your cart hit the ground and crack. Thus, you may waste a lot of money by buying a cartridge that is supposed to last for months and needing to replace it with another one. Please remember that you can’t continue using broken carts; it’s too dangerous, as the liquid may leak, and the battery may explode.

Low-Quality Carts May Contain Hazardous Components

The worst enemy of a vaper is propylene glycol (PG). It’s often added to vaping liquids because of the rich, smooth smoke it produces. However, this effect is offset by harmful effects on the human lungs and throat. PG also causes allergies and throat swelling, which are life-threatening conditions. Other harmful substances are glycerin and vitamin E, so check the contents of your chosen CBD carts to ensure that those ingredients are not included in the vaping liquid.

How to Choose CBD Carts for Safe Use?

Now, it’s time to consider the pro tips and hacks for buying top-quality cartridges with CBD liquid and enjoy a safe and rewarding user experience. Here are the varieties you may select from.

CBD Carte vs. THC Carts

CBD users are often troubled by the question, “does CBD carts get you high?” The answer is no, if there’s nothing but CBD in your cartridge. However, some producers offer a mix of CBD and THC in various ratios depending on the users’ expectations of cerebral and body high. THC+CBD carts are available only on a prescription basis because THC is an intoxicating substance with many legal limitations. So, you can choose between CBD only and CBD+THC carts if you’re a medicinal marijuana user with a physician’s prescription.

Type of CBD Used

Next, you can choose from three types of CBD extract included in the CBD vaping cart. They are:

  • Full-spectrum CBD. This CBD extract contains traces of THC (up to 0.3% according to state laws) and a rich terpene and cannabinoid profile in addition to the dominant cannabinoid – CBD. Therefore, you’re exposed to the full variety of weed effects and therapeutic properties.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD. This CBD type is suitable for people interested in weed-derived terpenes but wishing to eliminate the risks of THC exposure. Thus, by choosing broad-spectrum CBD carts, you can vape a rich mix of cannabinoids and terpenes and reduce the risk of THC intoxication to zero.
  • CBD isolate carts. CBD isolate, as the name suggests, is only CBD. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are removed from the content of CBD oil, and you enjoy pure and transparent content.

Chargeable vs. Rechargeable

Those worried about how long CBD carts last should mind the difference between chargeable and rechargeable devices. Nobody wants to pay $100 for a one-time-use device you’ll need to throw in the trash in a week or so. Thus, you can opt for one-time carts to find your favorite flavor and potency; they usually cost around $10-$30 and are cost-effective as test samples. Once you land on a specific brand, flavor, and CBD concentration, you can buy refillable and rechargeable CBD carts to enjoy high-quality vaping experiences for months.

Final Words

Now you know everything you need about CBD cartridges. So, you may choose a safe, reputable brand for simple consumption with expected therapeutic outcomes. When searching online, “where can I buy CBD carts?” mind the price, brand reputation, and the mix of components your chosen product includes. It’s vital to exercise due diligence when you buy CBD-infused products, especially those for inhaling, to avoid getting into trouble and maximize the health value of your CBD intake.


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