CBD Toothpicks – Are They Really a Thing

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These days, there are CBD products for every different imaginable use, from topical products to oils. However, there is still one type of product that many people are unfamiliar with: CBD toothpicks.

The idea of a toothpick being somehow able to contain CBD, or any kind of beneficial supplement, seems utterly alien to most people. After all, a CBD-infused toothpick is just a silly mimic, right?

In fact, CBD toothpicks are a simple and elegant way to absorb just that little bit of extra CBD throughout the day. Let’s take a closer look at how they are used and if they are more than media sensationalism.

Just What Are CBD Toothpicks?

A CBD toothpick is super useful because it looks just like a regular toothpick a person would use after a meal, only that it is imbued with some CBD.

This discretion is super valuable because no one would even give a single thought to anyone chewing on a regular toothpick. The precise method of manufacturing CBD toothpicks varies from each brand, but all CBD toothpicks are essentially the same base thing.

Some types of CBD toothpicks have the CBD applied to the toothpick in the form of a thin, lacquering oil over the entirety of the toothpick. This allows the user to absorb the CBD directly from the toothpick by sucking and chewing the product.

Other types use patented techniques to get the CBD directly inside the wood. Whether through a tiny channel where the CBD oil is inserted or by interspersing the CBD throughout the wood.

The precise amount of CBD and the exact type of CBD contained within toothpicks can vary from brand to brand; however, toothpicks tend to contain much smaller doses than many other types of edibles. Some toothpicks can contain as little as 2mg of CBD. While this low concentration might seem like a negative, it actually makes toothpicks extremely versatile, giving you more control over your CBD intake.

But what is it that makes CBD toothpicks so useful? Why choose toothpicks over any other type of product?

Why Would a Person Want to Use CBD Toothpicks?

One of the big advantages of using CBD toothpicks is that they can be easily taken as part of a routine.

Instead of needing to be careful not to waste very expensive, high concentration CBD, users can instead have just a little bit at a time as they desire it.

Plus, being able to dose just a tiny amount of CBD is excellent for topping up the quantity of CBD needed throughout the day. It is so easy to be able to carry around a sleeve of CBD toothpicks.

Users can expect pretty much the exact same effects as regular CBD oils or other products because the CBD within them is precisely the same.

However, the question remains, where are people actually supposed to find CBD toothpicks?

Where Can CBD Toothpicks Be Bought?

Despite their practical usefulness, CBD toothpicks are not yet especially common in the cannabinoid world.

This means that it can be a bit tricky to locate CBD toothpicks when going to regular pharmacies and health food stores.

Instead, hopeful CBD toothpick users are going to have better luck looking online for their CBD toothpicks. It isn’t widespread, but many CBD brands are stocking and manufacturing CBD toothpicks, especially as they become more popular.

It can also be worth it to email and ask a preferred CBD brand that doesn’t make CBD toothpicks and see if they are interested in starting providing them.

Though it can be hard to impact a big company, many businesses hope to see evidence of consumer interest in a type of product before stocking it.

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