Chatr offering one month free credit to new activations


Rogers’ flanker brand Chatr is offering one month free on new activations of any plan until February 14th.

Whether you pick the provider’s highest $70/mo plan, lowest $25/mo plan, or anything in between, you can claim a credit equal to one month’s fee.

To claim the credit, you’ll need to first activate a plan, then reply to a text message from Chatr sent after activation. Finally, you’ll need to keep the plan you activate for at least three bills — Chatr notes the credit will be applied on the third-anniversary date, and changing your plan will forfeit the credit.

Chatr’s plans are as follows:

  • $70/mo 20GB and Unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $60/mo 15GB and Unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $50/mo 10GB and Unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $40/mo 4.5GB and Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $35/mo 2GB and Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $25/mo 500MB and Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $15/mo Talk and text with 100 Canada-wide minutes.

The plans all offer data at 3G speed, unlimited Canada, U.S. and international messaging, call display, call forwarding, and group calling.

Update 02/12/2022 at 1:51pmET: Added Chatr’s $15/mo plan to the list since it’s also eligible for the one month credit.

You can learn more on Chatr’s website.

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