Colour changing wallpapers now work with Android 12’s dynamic theme


When Google first revealed Android 12 a few months ago, the big draw was a new theming option that will change the colours of apps and system software to match your current wallpaper. However, it didn’t work with any of the Google Pixel Live Wallpapers or wallpapers that change colours.

In the latest Android 12 Beta 4 update and with the Pixel Wallpapers version 1.6 update, the OS can finally start using the moving Live wallpapers. Hopefully, this hints at more moving wallpapers coming to Pixel phones with the full launch of Android 12 this fall.

If you’re running Android 12 Beta 4 or 4.1, you can download the new Pixel Wallapaper app from the Google Play Store.

In my test with my Pixel 3XL running Android 12 Beta 4, the function worked, so it should work for most Android 12 beta users as long as the Google Wallpaper app is up to date.

If you’re curious about the new Material You design, you can check out our full breakdown here.

Source: 9to5Google

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