Comet Bunker Buster Defense Project


I propose “Project CBBD”, The Comet Bunker Buster Defense Project to protect the Earth from a Comet Strike of Pre-Biblical Proportions. Another strike of the Earth like the one before human time, which hit in the Yucatan Peninsula would spell the end of life, as we know it. Some Theorize that such an event may have been responsible for causing the changes in the Earth Cycle, which killed off the dinosaurs.

Today we have launched a probe to meet up with and attack a Comet and put a huge crater in it.



The crater will assist us in studying the Comet’s material make-up, now then how about destroying the Comet that is waiting to hit us or on a cataclysmic direct collision course with Mother Earth? We need a plan. Today our Department of Defense is continuing its development of low yield nuclear bunker busters in the event we have a war with a Rogue Nation hiding in underground bases and firing upon us with launch tube tunnels.

Putting high yield nuclear weapons on top of a Delta IV Rocket or several high yield 10-50 Mega Ton weapons on top of five or six Delta IV Rockets is it possible to completely destroy the Comet which is on it’s way to kill all life on our Planet? Would we dare to build ten – 200 megaton space missiles to take it out? How about twenty – 400 megaton space rockets? We have the capacity, we have the potential and we certainly have the will. Human Beings after all have a strong need for self preservation and if we multiply that need by 6 Billion inhabitants you bet we could not only find the way to fund it but we would instantly have every nation in the world collaborating to make it happen without delay?

If you have any ideas on destroying incoming killer, Asteroids, Meteors or Comets, please post them below or contact the World Think Tank immediately.


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