Could The New Scream Exist Without Neve Campbell?


When Halloween was resurrected in 2018 with Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role of Laurie Strode–after a two-movie reboot series–it left horror fans aching to see their favorite scary movie heroines back on the big screen. Still, when it was announced a new Scream film would be made without the inclusion of franchise director Wes Craven, due to his death in 2015, many wondered if series star Neve Campbell would return.

Thankfully, she did–along with Courteney Cox and David Arquette. In fact, if not for the original trio returning, chances are we wouldn’t be seeing a new screening movie. When asked by GameSpot if this movie could exist without the stars of the first four films, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett were quick to note that it wouldn’t have been possible.

Still, that doesn’t mean the trio was necessarily on board from the beginning. “In our mind that never existed and the scripts we read had written such fully formed wonderful versions of where they’re at now, that we didn’t know what that movie would be,” Bettinelli-Olpin explained. “And to be honest, we never even thought about it. We just kind of made it our mission to try to figure out and do everything we could to hopefully get you to know, David and Neve and Courteney to come back.”

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Thankfully, the duo also had an ace up their sleeve in Kevin Williamson, who wrote parts 1, 2, and 3, and serves as executive producer on this film. According to executive producer Chad Villella, “Kevin was instrumental throughout the entire process. I know he reached out to Neve to say, ‘Hey, they’re going to make another one. I think they’re onto something here with this. You should know, but you should definitely consider doing this and coming back and reviving this iconic role.'”

It’s not just reaching out to the original cast that Williamson brought to the table as an executive producer, though. After first being approached by the movie’s writers, he was with the film’s creative team throughout the entire process, even offering up his experiences and insights into making a Scream entry.

“Throughout the scripting process, Kevin offered incredible insights as to things that he tried before that may have worked or may have not worked, things that he’s wanted to do with the franchise that he was unable to realize before and just ways to grow it and always pushing the envelope a little bit and move things forward, in a way that’s both surprising and shocking,” Villelle continued.

Williamson and the cast weren’t the only touchstones to the rest of the franchise, though. The directors previously told GameSpot about the lessons they learned from Caven himself, by way of his editor on the first film.

Scream is in theaters Friday.

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