Day 1 in quarantine vs Day 50

Comedian Trey Kennedy nails quarantine life in new viral video
Give or take a few days, we’ve all been in quarantine for about 50 days. Yes, really. All the way back in March, the thought of a government-mandated “lockdown” was quaint.

I’ll embrace a slower lifestyle. I’ll make bread. I’ll bond with my family with nothing but puzzles. Lol, how naive we all were then. Cut to May and now everyone is — to put it mildly — losing their shit. Not, storm the state capital with firearms-losing their shit — let’s not get crazy — but like, pulling their hair out-losing their shit.

Trey Kennedy — the comedian who makes those “Middle Schoolers be like” videos we love so much — just released a new video for the COVID-19 era called “Day 1 in Quarantine Vs Day 50” and damn if this isn’t aggressively relatable.

Kennedy nails the early onset quarantine syndrome I’m calling “toxic optimism.” Remember when we were exactly 10 seconds in quarantine and everyone started feverishly inviting each other to Zoom Happy Hours and Zoom workouts and Zoom multi-generation family calls? On Day 50 Kennedy jokes on a Zoom call: “Ohhh, my Wifi is bad, sorry, gotta go,” **slowly slides the laptop closed.

Day 1: “People need to stop buying masks, they told us they didn’t even work, the nurses need them!”

Day 50: “Everyone has to wear one, are you an idiot!?”

Day 1: “Another great thing that’s coming out of this? We’re dodging Brett and Ashley’s baby shower this weekend, thank God!”

Day 50: “Did you see Brett and Ashley’s baby? He’s so cute. I wanna party with it! I just wanna go to a party.”

Day 1: “Yep, I’m getting dressed like I’m going to work, it just does a lot for me mentally.”

Day 50: **Walks in wearing beige sweats** “It’s stuck to me at this point.”

If you like quarantine content (I can’t believe that’s a sentence I write now, but let’s just go with it), his “Introverts Vs Extroverts in Quarantine” video is too on-point.

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