Dead By Daylight’s Ringu Chapter Gets Release Date, Trailer

Dead By Daylight’s Ringu Chapter Gets Release Date, Trailer

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After previously collaborating with some of the biggest horror franchises in the world, Dead By Daylight’s latest chapter will be based on the chilling Japanese horror icon Ringu. The new chapter, Sadako Rising, is due to release on March 8, bringing with it new Killer Sadako and a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa.

A new trailer for the chapter shows both new characters, with Sadako climbing out of her well to terrorise the survivors of Dead By Daylight. In keeping with the game’s naming conventions, Sadako will be known in-game as The Onryō, after a Japanese term meaning “vengeful spirit.”


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Yoichi Asakawa, a character who appeared in the first two Japanese Ring films as a young boy with psychic abilities, is the Ringu installment’s new Survivor. Dead By Daylight’s version of the character shows Yoichi all grown up, as the only hero of the Ring films to have faced Sadako and made it out alive. In a surprising move for the franchise, the continuation of Yoichi’s story will happen exclusively in-game.

The Ringu update sees Dead By Daylight exploring new territory, departing from the classic slasher films it was originally inspired by to explore a different style of horror. “Ringu introduces psychological horror to our game, which is very different from the slasher style our fans are used to,” explains creative director Dave Richard. “They can expect Sadako to come with creepy and surprising gameplay mechanics that are not found in other Killers. Survivors beware, she will freak you out!”

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