Deep Learning and Its Impact on Image Recognition and Speech Patterns

by Lily White
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Deep Learning has been an important Artificial Intelligence technique which allows the computers to establish how to recognize the desired sentences, objects or words. It is visibly true that Deep Learning has suddenly started changing our lives with numerous modes of speech recognition functions that have been made available on our Smartphones. These features typically help to increase our viable interactions by just talking to them in a common understandable language. Some of the most dominant options are available with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazons’ Alexa as well as the many voice responsive features Google has tweaked in. According to certain search giants data, it has been observed that users have nearly tripled with the usage of speech interface applications in the recent times. Interestingly, there have been many new innovations that are in progress in the recent years with respect to voice recognition.

Let us know some of the most important impact this Deep Learning has in real time environments:

• Certain of the medical streams claim that they will be able to use computers to read MRI’s, X-Rays, CT Scans etc significantly better than radiologists

• Diagnosis of cancer and other chronic diseases becomes more easy

• Its impact is felt in self-driving cars, autonomous drones

• Also being used in Robotics to achieve major advances and improvements

Artificial Intelligence encompasses a vast range of technologies like traditional logic and rules based, that enable computers to solve problems that ensures something like super natural thinking. Significantly and undoubtedly deep learning is driving today’s AI explosion. The recent advancements in neural networks also have made the machines to be wiser than humans as it easily identifies diseases and thus identifying tumors in MRI scans.

With the vast number of impounding Deep Learning uses and its high level of significance in real time, it is immensely important to partner with certain able service providers to take complete advantage of this technology. It is more so needed to partner with certain robust solutions like Edge IoT that provides a perfect complement to make streaming data available as fast as possible to machine learning and analytical models. There are certain Advanced Data Analytics providers in the industry and leveraging their IoT solutions could deliver excellence in cloud-based processing that ensures business excellence. There are various Edge IoT Solutions readily available that helps deploy cloud services on a plethora of devices (POS system, IoT device, Business outlets etc.) allowing you to manage data effectively, run analytics and gain business insights.



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