Despite Elon Musk’s antics, Tesla owners sure do love their cars: survey


Legacy automakers don’t have the following of Elon Musk and Tesla

For the second year running, the annual Consumer Reports ‘Auto Survey’ indicates that people who own Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) are the most satisfied with their cars.

Not only are Tesla owners the most satisfied, but they also rank nine points ahead of the nearest competition, Lincoln.

For the survey, Consumer Reports asked 369,000 vehicle owners a series of questions about their car and if they’d buy it again. These questions allow the publication to extract data from survey participants and give each car manufacturer a satisfaction score.

Tesla scored the highest with 88, but it’s listed with a 1/5 value rating. Behind Tesla, Lincoln scored 79 and RAM and Chrysler hit 76 points.

Infiniti sits at the bottom of this list with a score of 48, while Cadillac and Nissan both got 59 and 58, respectively.

The fact that Tesla scored so highly on this report doesn’t surprise me. The car company has been highly rated for years and has a huge following compared to legacy brands.

However, in the last year or two, we’ve seen major automakers like Ford, GM and Volkswagen all pivot towards EVs, which could eventually help them rival Tesla at some point in the future.

Source: Consumer Reports 

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