Difference between Duplicate and Copied Content

by Lily White
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The search engines penalize the plagiarized content. The writer may be a student, professor, teacher, blogger, or a content writer. They can make this mistake intentionally or unintentionally as well.

Some writers are caught against this crime and punished, no matters they have done it for what reason. You will come to know that there are two kinds of plagiarism listed below:

  • Duplicate content
  • Copied content

Duplicate text:

The Google crawlers find duplicate content because it looks similar to other’s information. When a user utilizes the whole paragraph, the crawlers will immediately guess the duplication in content.

That is why search engine optimization (SEO) experts advise people to avoid duplication crime.

Copied text:

Copied content is also like duplicate content, but there is a bit of difference between the terms. When the user/reader picks up a piece of content from other sites exactly and pastes it into their work, it leads to being copied content.

Sometimes, the writers copy an entire page and paste it multiple times on their domain. Sometimes they copy different pages and paste them into a single one.


Characteristics provided by free online plagiarism checker:


A variety of websites:

You can check for plagiarism around a variety of domains. If you ask a human to do it, surely it will be impossible to be done by him or her. But the online similarity checkers will perform plagiarism checks in a matter of seconds.

Automatic rewording feature:

The best tools will allow you to enjoy automatically rewritten features. Human beings will not have to rewrite by themselves. Not all the essays will be written again. The available free online plagiarism checker will do it by itself.

Multiple languages:

The best quality copyright checker does not bound the students to check for plagiarism with only one or fixed language. They are welcome to write the assignments in any of the languages. The tool will also check it for similar results.

Results in percentage form:

The user will take it easy to guess the plagiarism result in percentage form without reading many unnecessary details. A little figure will tell the plagiarism result in a few seconds only.

Download and share option:

This option will be feasible for teachers, especially. The students mostly ask them to give proof of what they deduct their marks. They argue to their professors for lower grades. The supervisors can save these reports and share them with ease regarding any proof.

Different formats:

The user or write is welcome to make the documents in any of the formats. The tool will check for plagiarism of all kinds of formats like .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .tex, .doc etc.

Highlighted words:

The tool will highlight the words which are identified as plagiarized by the tool being used. The writer will easily guess where plagiarism occurs. The writer rewrites only the highlighted words. Some tools also suggest rewording the highlighted words with different suggestions.


Working methodology for plagiarism check:

The steps are written here to guide you in a better way:

  • The writer will provide the required file in the way guided by the plagiarism tool.
  • The user will enter a specific URL. If the writer wants to perform a plagiarism check for only the entered URL, this option is the best.
  • The user can also add a URL in the exclude URL option.
  • The files are uploaded by drag and drop, Google drive, and cloud storage option.
  • The button “Check plagiarism” will be pressed by you to start up a plagiarism check procedure.

Propose the best plagiarism checker:



This plagiarism checker will be compatible with all kinds of writers and devices. Multiple formats will be acceptable by plagiarismchecker.co. The user is suggested to upload the doubtful content without any fear of privacy. It secures the files given by its customers. Unlimited length of content will be checked by this copyright checker.

Plagiarism Detector:

This tool checks the similarity issues for 1000 words freely. It secures the content given by its users. Above 1000 words will be tested by its paid version. The premium tool will perform a plagiarism check with a deep search. No ads will be there during the copyright check process.


It is committed to the quality of work. The results are shown with accuracy. Plagiarism results are provided to its users in percentage gauges. Similar sentences are highlighted by the scanner. The user is comfortable with rewriting only the specific sentences. All the formats and languages are supported by it. You are permitted to check 1000 words for no charges. The user can save or download copyright reports.

By using these tools you can find out all sorts of duplicate and copied content.



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