Does He Want a Divorce? – Learn the Strategies to Stop Divorce and Save Your Marriage



You never thought you would have to learn how to stop divorce. But your marriage is failing and you are in the thick of battle. This is not the time to turn and run. Armor up, prepare to fight and save your marriage!

If you are asking yourself, "Does he want a divorce?" Then he is probably throwing around some pretty strong signs that he does. You do not want your marriage to end in divorce, but you have no idea how to get it back on track.

Heck, you might even feel as though you do not even really like your husband anyway! But the truth of the matter is, you may not like him, but you do still love him, so you need to be prepared to fight for your marriage.

No battle has ever been won without a strategy in place. However, please remember that, all because it may feel like it right right now, your husband is not the enemy. He is the love of your life. Your strategy is to save your marriage, and not just win the war. This will take hard work and dedication, but that is why you are reading this article anyway. You are prepared to fight.

The hardest thing to do, but the first thing you will need to do is BITE YOUR TONGUE! When men are unhappy in a relationship, they tend to provoke arguments. It is an excellent excuse to leave the house. Some take the excuse even further and cheat.

DO NOT give him the opportunity to have an excuse. DO NOT feed into his arguments. DO NOT let his negative energy transfer over to you. Instead, put up your force field girl and let it bounce right off of you! if you are not arguing, he can not get mad.

Now for most of us women, biting our tongues is quite difficult to say the least. So your next plan of action will be to pray. Ask God to PLEASE help you hold your peace! Ask Him to help you to love your husband, even when he is being unlovable. After all, God does the same for us every day. So, I am pretty sure He can help us do the same for others, especially our husbands.

Once again, it WILL NOT BE easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is!



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