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Don’t Lose Your Saves | GameSpot News

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In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about how you can transfer your saves since the launcher is closing, the headset design for PlayStation VR 2 and more.


Bethesda has announced it is closing its PC storefront, the Launcher, later this year. Anyone who owns games through the Launcher can migrate them, along with any funds in their wallet, to Steam beginning in April. Most games will have their saves automatically transferred, too, though some will require manual transfers, and one title is not supported at all, Bethesda said. Additionally, the company clarified that all accounts will remain accessible.

Sony has shown off the final design for its upcoming PSVR 2 headset and the accompanying Sense controllers, which feature a look similar to the PS5’s design aesthetic. Other features of the headset include a focus on comfort, as the hardware has a lens adjustment dial for users to dial in the distance between their eyes and the lenses, a slight weight reduction when compared to the previous PSVR model, and a new vent design to prevent fogging.

According to VGC, 2K Games signed a “new multi-game partnership with Lego” that will see the company producing a number of licensed titles, the first of which are a soccer game and an open-world racing game. The soccer game, planned for release this year, is reportedly being developed by Sumo Digital, while the racing game is in the works at 2K’s own studio Visual Concepts.

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