Easy Money: How to Make Money for Small Expenses Using a Smartphone


During the crisis, a desire to earn extra money may appear even in those who have never thought about it before and limited themselves to their usual sources of income. We have studied several simple ways to make money using your smartphone. It turned out that you can make easy money by filming videos, playing games, or watching ads on your smartphone. How does it work and how much money can you get? Let’s figure it out!

Ten Simple Ways To Make Easy Money

The current circumstances do not leave a chance for excuses, they force you to take the first step towards your financial independence. We hope that every reader will find a suitable option, or at least ideas and inspiration for their successful start. And most importantly: he will understand that making money online is real and available to everyone.

1) Professional gaming

It is cool to spend your free time playing games and getting easy winnings from them. All the days you spent playing poker with your father can be easily monetized if you have mastered your betting strategy. Of course, professional gaming is not only about casino games: this is also about participating in cybersports competitions with large prize pools or selling loot on the Internet. You can simply create an account on Instagram or a website for selling gaming units — skins, weapons, characters, etc. Depending on your level, you can make from $100 to $2,000 with ease.

2) Reselling items

This way of making money really works because many people do not know the real value of goods or simply sell cheap to get rid of this or that product faster. Many collectors are looking for unique items in this way and are ready to offer good money for them. Believe it or not, things lying in your closet can benefit someone else, and thereby you get rid of trash and make a good profit. So, evaluate the old things in your house: perhaps, somewhere there is a tablecloth with unique embroidery or a retro camera. Some photo studios, as well as theaters, are looking for goods in this way and are happy to buy interesting retro items.

3) Mystery shopping

Making money as a mystery shopper is easier than it sounds. This is not a resale of products or services. You can make easy money on this. Several agencies are willing to pay you to visit certain shops, restaurants, and other businesses and evaluate their performance. The main thing is to fulfill your task efficiently, to correctly describe what is happening, and to be able to make a video or photo facts. This type of earnings is suitable for different segments of the population: those who want to get easy money or fighters for high-quality service.

4) Viewing ads

You can make money by viewing ads in special apps, but it will take a lot of time to complete the tasks. The principle of such apps are as follows: you download applications from the proposed list, watch commercials, share commercial posts on social networks, or play simple online games, and the application charges you so-called “credits”. They can be exchanged for money at a certain rate. Considering that only 2 credits are given for watching a video, and 150 credits for installing the application, you will have to spend more than one hour to earn at least something. If you have the patience for this, you can withdraw money using PayPal.

5) Executing small orders online

Perhaps, this is one of the easiest ways to make money! Customers leave various types of tasks, for example, placing ads on message boards, coming up with a name for something, making a logo, editing text, typing text from scanned copies, calling customers, and much more. Many busy people leave assignments for the performers on such sites and pay them money for their completion.

6) Online translation or transcription

Both polyglots and people who agree to decipher audio recordings by reprinting them will have to surf the Internet in search of clients. There are thousands of different tasks online allowing people to earn quick money by making small translation assignments. The more languages you know, especially when this is an exotic language, the cost of your services grows accordingly.

7) Giving things for rent

Another way to earn money that does not require large investments. If you do not have an apartment that you can rent out, but you have quality toys or cleaning equipment that is not available in every house, you can earn money on this. How does it work? Place an ad on the Internet or create a separate group on social networks, where you will offer people to rent expensive toys or cleaning equipment for a short time. You can also give your scooter or bike for rent, and use the earned money on expanding your “business”.

8) Work in social networks

SMM specialists are in great demand, and they make good money. But even if you don’t know much about social media search engine optimization and target audience analysis, you can still make money from social media. If you master the profession of an SMM manager, you can make money by promoting other people’s pages and communities. However, you can also do without special skills, earning likes and reposts of certain posts. For reposting and joining a group, leaving a comment or feedback you can make $1-2. Register on the reviewing website, write a detailed and interesting review according to the rules and get money, which is quite enough to pay for mobile communications.

9) Online tutoring

If you know some subject of the school curriculum or a university program, then this is the answer to the question of how you can make money on the Internet without investing. Someone sees this as a significant additional income, but for someone — it becomes the main job. It is not difficult for an experienced teacher, with the acquired material, to conduct training via Skype. Online teachers themselves plan the work schedule and weekends, which gives a huge advantage over stationary work. Even your earnings depend only on your ability and desire to work.

10) Create a Podcast

Podcasts are audio broadcasts on a specific topic that are gaining popularity today. To get started, you need a computer, a recording headset, and podcast material. Choose what you know or are interested in and bring like-minded people together on your channel, give them useful tips and interesting content. You can attract listeners to your project through social networks, thematic forums, chats, and send emails to other people’s subscriber bases. Income will not be long in coming — advertisers are willing to pay money to place their text, slogan, or commercial offer at the beginning or in the middle of your episode.

Risky Methods of Making Money on the Internet

Next, we will describe some dubious methods that should be avoided. Use them or not decide for yourself, but it’s worth learning about them more:

  • HYIPs and scams: these are sites that promise to return a large percentage of your invested money in a short time. The idea of the project is simple, you need to invest money, this service gives people this money as a microloan at interest, and in 2-4 weeks you withdraw them with a large percentage of 50-100% per month. Scams are the same services that eventually close down and deceive their depositors;
  • Entering captcha: captcha is a method of checking whether you are a robot or a human, by entering characters or selecting pictures. You can earn money by entering captchas for other people. However, earnings are so small here: for one captcha they pay from 1 to 10 cents.
  • Binary options are a mixture of forex and casinos. You are also playing in the foreign exchange market, but you have only 2 choices: you need to determine whether a particular exchange rate will be higher or lower than the original price. On the Internet, there are mostly only negative reviews about this method of making money, and without knowledge, you shouldn’t use it either.

Take your time to study the cost-to-effort ratio and make your decision based on this info. Some ideas simply should be avoided, so don’t even give them a second chance in case of failure.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many possible methods of making easy money on your smartphone. We believe that everyone can earn extra funds in their free time with little effort. All you need is your smartphone, Internet connection, and an idea.

After reading this article, try to immediately apply the information received: choose one or several methods that you like the most, and earn your first money today. If in your opinion we missed any of the methods, feel free to write in the comments about it. Meanwhile, we encourage you to leave feedback with your first results and share your experience with us.


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