Elon Musk says Tesla Model S Plaid trim delivery date pushed to June 10th


The Plaid trim option features a range of 628km and a top speed of 322km/h

May 31, 2021

12:56 PM EDT

As he often does, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced news related to his electric vehicle (EV) company through his Twitter account.

Musk says the delivery date of the electric vehicle giant’s ‘Model S Plaid’ trim model will be delayed until June 10th because the car needs “one more week of tweak.” Musk went on to state that “this car feels like a spaceship” and that “words cannot describe the limbic resonance” (whatever that means).

Tesla has been working on the Plaid since 2019. The vehicle was first shown off as part of the company’s Battery Day presentation last September.

Model S Plaid delivery pushed to June 10. Needs one more week of tweak.

This car feels like a spaceship. Words cannot describe the limbic resonance.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 29, 2021

The car is positioned as a step above Tesla’s Ludicrous trim level, with the Model S Plaid hitting 0-10kmph in 2.1 seconds. The car also features a top speed of up to 200mph, according to Musk’s tweets.

On Tesla’s website, the Plaid is listed as featuring a range of 628km and a top speed of 322km/h. There’s also a ‘Plaid+’ trim option that is expected to feature more range and a faster top speed.

Tesla’s website lists the Plaid as starting at $159,990 and the Plaid+ at $199,990, with an availability date of mid-2022.

Source: @elonmusk 

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