Emotional Intelligence – Business Communication Skills Training Tip # 2


Emotional Intelligence and Business Communication Training

Emotional Intelligence and business communication training skills may lead to one of the most important skills that can build business customer service to it's highest level. Humans are all driven because we use this skill sparingly while our customers and employees suffer. Teach this emotional intelligence skill and your business will sky rocket. This simple skill can build trust in minutes instead of weeks and months.

Without this skill, your company may be doomed

Self empathy skills have to be the most underrated business communication skill ever discovered. Using adequate self empathy skills can facilitate a greater customer base and retention by having satisfied employees. Also with self empathy skills employee retention will be huge. Empathy may be described as a deep understanding what someone may be experiencing. This someone could be, the employee, customer, and management team. Without using business empathy skills, there is a lack of trust and connection between the customer and company.

There are different types of business empathy. They are silent empathy, verbal empathy and self empathy or self understanding.

Self empathy is the root of all communication. It is a warm up for the emotions as stretching is a warm up for the body. Without this warmup, you are risking injury to your employee, management and customer. This skill helps the employee to understand any emotions that they may be dealing with. Self empathy helps the manager and employee to become calm and relaxed in any situation. Offering oneself self empathy before the employee meets with the customer will bring about ease and comfort between the two.

If the manager is needed to meet with an employee, again receiving self empathy will make this meeting easier and communication flow with quality and efficiency. Self empathy may be used during a conversation that may start to become stressed. Using the skill quickly brings back calm.

Self empathy can be the difference between winning a new customer or retaining the current customer. If the employee is in a disgruntled mood the customer will identify this and not being satisfied either. Yet if the employee receives the calming that self empathy can provide the communication with the customer will probably be successful and pleasant. It only takes seconds to offer oneself self empathy.

Management may use this skill to calm themselves during a hectic day, before business meetings, or anytime they may become angry, upset or dysfunctional. Emotional intelligence speaks of empathy with others yet, self empathy is the backbone to all communication, whether it be listening or expressing. Self empathy is very efficient and effective as it only takes a few minutes, sometimes seconds to perform this skill and to bring calm to the manager or employee.

Self empathy is only 3 steps.

Self empathy is easy. There are only 3 simple steps. Step one is to identify what the person is observing. It can be judgments or evaluations. This can also be called beating ones self up. This is a natural for everyone. With self empathy, we move through this step and identify what personal values ​​are not being satisfied. These could be a respect, consideration, ease, purpose or challenge. Identifying these values ​​are 90% of the self empathy skill. The last step is optional. It is identifying strategies that might satisfy any values ​​that are not satisfied.

How important is this?

Using this skill can mean the difference between successful communication with the customer or staff. Calm brings about a healthier and content employee. Teach this skill to your employees and managers and watch the workplace satisfaction grow.


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