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If you are looking to sell your home, you probably know that it is all about the curb appeal. How your home looks when first viewed is an image that is likely to stay with potential home buyers and sway their decision. Take a look at these seven ideas that you can use to enhance your curb appeal. These ideas can really give your home that ‘wow’ factor that it so desperately needs.


1. Keep Your Yard Well Maintained

As well as being an inviting and comfortable place in which to spend a little time, your yard is also the first thing that people will see when they arrive at your house. Keeping the grass freshly mowed and the flower beds in good repair are but the first steps you should take. If you have highly grown, dense shrubbery to make a privacy providing hedge, make sure it is trimmed back and does not obscure your home too much. If you are expecting people to visit in the night, after the sun has gone down, think about investing in some lights. Anything from solar-powered path lamps to a string of fairy lights can create a charming ambiance.


2. Upgrade Your Front Door

You want people to be drawn in from the moment that they knock on the door, so it is wise to think about upgrading the front door of your home. Try a fun color or a custom front door to really make your structure pop. If you have a dream, you can make it come true. Find different door shapes, colors, and sizes so you can get the look that you really want.


3. Schedule a Pressure Wash

One thing we do not want to see when we visit another person’s home is the evidence of their dirt. It is for this very reason that you should schedule a power washing, or make time in your schedule to do it yourself in order to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A power wash with the appropriate equipment and materials can leave the outside of your home sparkling.


4. Arrange Some Potted Plants or Planters

While it can definitely be a bad idea to let your hedges grow so that your home looks like it is in the midst of an overgrown forest, you also do not want it to be without cheer or color at all. This is an easy fix with some planters or large pots with living plants inside them. They can give vitality to the front of your home that will instantly put people at ease. Having potted plants will also keep your home cool when the weather is warmer than comfort allows.


5. Upgrade Your Walkway

Whether you have one already and you just need to tweak it a little, or you are starting from scratch, the right walkway can give your home an amazing amount of curb appeal. Not only is it the way by which guests are guided into your home, but it can also reflect the architectural and styling choices made in your home’s more general appearance. You can either get a professional team to make a walkway for your home or do it yourself. Walkways are a fairly simple addition to your home, but they allow for a lot of individuality.


6. Add a Wreath for Every Occasion

They are most commonly seen during the winter holiday season, but a wreath is likely to add to your house’s aura of being home at any time of year. You can make or find ones that are special to the winter holiday season, but you can do the same for any major holiday or event that comes along. Halloween and patriotic wreaths spring to mind.


7. Add Seating

You want all potential home buyers to come in and see just how comfortable the inside of your home is, but it is also worth your while to create a little seating area outside. Whether it is in the garden or on the porch, a venue that may be used for entertaining is always sure to add curb appeal to a home.


By Jamie Roberts

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