Establishing Healthy Eating Goals



Often it starts with a spark of inspiration, a progressive thought or idea, that light bulb moment that awakens our senses and paradigm to the full potential we are capable of, and to the depths of our capabilities which can be pursued to break our existing reality and limitations.

This leads us to take a serious look at ourselves and inspire within us a desire to bring about a change to the way we feel about ourselves, our self-respect and self-confidence. Targets, images, higher ideals and a vision of an improved you begin to form and intensify with the outcome of establishing concrete and time-based goals to achieve the manifestation of that revitalized image!

We want to make improvements to our health completely and reduce our intake of the wrong type of nutrients. We want to give our body nutrition that is more readily digestible, has higher quality nutrients that get consumed more readily by our body’s natural systems.

When we have committed to a healthy eating goal, by analyzing the long term benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle, we can move forward and take action to make it a reality!

Our purpose is to be the best we can be for ourselves first, as only when we are treating ourselves with the utmost honesty and respect will we be able to do the same to our loved ones, our friends and others around us.

Make a start and make it NOW! Start by amending our existing shopping habits. Do what you can to stay away from the ready-made meals, the snack aisles or the sections of the grocery store that focuses on fast, fat and easy. When we give the fresh produce more room in our shopping baskets we open ourselves to a multitude options for nutrients, vitamins and essential foods that combine to have a wonderful impact on our bodies.

In parallel with this we can have review of our Eating and snacking habits. We can bring about a positive and small change by incorporating more fruit and vegetables into our meals and snacking options.

As our positive eating and shopping become second nature to us we can and the initial phase of incorporating a healthy eating goal is habitual we can look to advance our progression.

Progress to assessing the harmful snacks we consume regularly and eliminate these from the greater portion of our day to day diet. The best way to break a bad habit is by consciously substituting it for a good habit. We can do the same by breaking a bad snacking or eating habit and substitute unhealthy options for fruit or healthy snacks.

As we progress along with this new lifestyle change the internal and outward benefits become more and more evident stimulating within us a new confidence and self-esteem.

As we accomplish our healthy eating goals and progress from phase to phase we can look at ways to advance our goals and inspire our bodies to attain new levels of healthy eating habits. We advance to total elimination of snack foods and meals that are extremely detrimental to our nutritional intake and strict adherence to a meal plan.

So whatever situation you find yourself in know you can progress to whatever goal that you want. All you have to do is solidify your vision and start NOW!



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