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New gaming titles continue to hit the shelves on a regular basis but for many players, one series will always stand out. Grand Theft Auto has been an enduring classic for over 20 years now and the game continues to be rated over all others in specialist gaming surveys.

There are many reasons why the GTA series continues to outrank all others. It can be played across multiple devices and, gamers state that it can be played in conjunction with other titles such as Call of Duty. Complementary rather than confrontational is the key but Grand Theft Auto would not have been so successful without continued evolution.

Since its launch in 1997, Grand Theft Auto’s innovation is another big factor in its success and one new development, in particular, is catching its audience’s attention.

Paying it Back

Millions of Dollars are spent on in-game purchases such as cars and weapons, but a new introduction allows players to claw some of that investment back. In case you hadn’t noticed, GTA now has a casino and it has all the capabilities offered by providers who are dedicated suppliers in the gambling industry.

If you have yet to check it out, please read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this fabulous new addition to the Grand Theft Auto family.

What can I play?

The official title of this establishment is the Diamond Casino and Resort and it will be available from GTA 5 onwards. While this is, of course, a virtual game, players of Grand Theft Auto can use this just as they would at a regular online casino.

Poker fans will have to settle for the Three Card version of the game, it is the game in its most simplistic form so extensive knowledge of poker isn’t really necessary, although it wouldn’t harm to brush up before you enter the casino. If poker isn’t your game, card players can switch over to Blackjack instead. Roulette and slots are also available so there really is something for everyone.

To get involved, players must locate the Diamond Casino and Resort and buy a minimum of $500 of chips. This can then be used at any of the tables or slots but remember, this is real money and while you can win and withdraw any cash, the flip side is the possibility of losing some or all of that initial purchase.

How to Approach GTA Casino Play

The fact that real stakes are on the table means that you should take things deadly seriously if you are to get involved with the GTA casino. Remember, the introduction of the Diamond Casino and Resort means that you can, for example, play poker against other GTA players so, we suggest you update your playing strategy to get an edge.

Players certainly shouldn’t attempt to play without a good understanding of the rules of each game so take some time to get acquainted and maybe play some demo options before those real stakes come down.

Of course, if you are already playing the games at an advanced level, you can simply jump straight in and, the casino will give you plenty of additional options.

Advanced GTA Casino Play

The casino in Grand Theft Auto is a fully operational resort so you can even choose to stay here. A range of rooms has been made available including Diamond Penthouse Suites which can cost up to $6.5 million at the top end of the scale. Top class restaurants and bars are also part of the package.

When you return to the tables, that standard $500.00 casino membership can be upgraded. GTA provides Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond statuses to suit all budgets. This is another clever way in which the Grand Theft Auto casino mirrors those online portals in the industry sector. Loyalty programmes are a big part of the operators’ businesses so, the more you play, the better it gets.

Where to find the Casino

Now you know all about the GTA casino, but this is a game played across a big urban environment, so you’ll need to find it amongst the sprawl. The Diamond Casino and Resort is situated, quite appropriately, close to the Vinewood Racetrack. Players are advised to head to East Vinewood, locate the track and from that point, the bright lights of the casino will be twinkling away to the east side.

There are plenty of maps around that give the specific location so, as the saying goes, you really can’t miss it.

As Grand Theft Auto has developed over the last twenty years, its ability to mirror real-life scenarios continues to grow. With that concept in mind, the addition of a casino to the gameplay is simply a logical move. For those will GTA 5 and above, it provides all the thrills that a spin of the reels, a turn of the roulette wheel or the flop of a card can involve and there’s never been a better time to switch on.

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