Family Business – Tears of Fire


Music video for song “Tears of fire” by Family Business.

Music / Words by Family Business
Drawing / Animation / Editing / Sound design by Filippo Morini
Directed by Filippo Morini

Characters and backgrounds made with Adobe Photoshop
Animated with Harmony Toon Boom and Adobe Photoshop

All sound effects from

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Sacalacalaca Interdimensional Horror Sci-Fi Festival 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION – ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Cefalù Film Festival 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Voghera Film Festival 2017

©2017 All rights reserved

During the making of this video I spent a good amount of nights working in my bedroom till dawn.
I usually put on some movies and tv series I already watched to create some background noise while working, using a laptop sitting next to my main screen.
At some point I decided to go straight through all 6 seasons of Breaking Bad for the second time and that’s probably what most influenced the New Mexico-like landscapes of Tears of Fire.
While the idea of a girl driving alone in the desert comes from The Cardigans’ “My favourite game” music video, which is one of my favourite music videos ever.
“Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz was also a major influence, but that’s kind of obvious I guess.
For what concerning the character design, my main references were Jamie Hewlett, Robert Valley and Max Fleischer.

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