Family-Friendly Activities to Try in Calgary

by Lily White
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Calgary is one of the most interesting towns in all of Canada. It somehow bridges the gap between a bustling urban area and a scene straight out of the Wild West. Once the home of many farming exhibitions, it is now a city filled with life and opportunity without trading in its rodeo roots.

If you’re looking to relocate to a place in Canada with the perfect balance of city life and small-town charm, start looking at Calgary homes for sale. You’ll find no better place to raise a family. Check out some of these great family-friendly activities in Calgary and see just how much awaits you in this awesome town.

Calgary Stampede

Let’s get it out of the way right off the bat—there’s no bigger event in all of Calgary than the Calgary Stampede. Hosted each summer, this two-week event offers everything from rodeo shows to carnival rides, the perfect place to take the kids for a great summertime outing.

The Stampede is a staple of the community, bringing together families for over a hundred years. In fact, the origin of this event dates all the way back to the late 1800s. While the event is certainly different than it was decades ago, it’s still the premier spot in Calgary to enjoy a day out with the family. From its humble beginnings to the thrilling spectacular it is today, the Stampede will likely continue to be the gem of this community for many decades to come.

TELUS Spark Science Centre

If you’re looking for more of an educational day out, the TELUS Spark museum is the perfect place to take the kids. TELUS Spark is a science museum, ready to share knowledge with children (and adults) in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. There are plenty of demonstrations and hands-on learning experiences that will help your child explore their curiosity and expand their understanding of the universe.

Plus, the TELUS Spark Centre has also opened up a drive-in movie theater that began as a way to entertain, educate, and bring the community together during the pandemic. The drive-in goes beyond the normal cinema experience by creating something immersive, with sound and visual effects to entertain everyone in the family.

The Calgary Zoo

There’s nothing better than spending a sunny day at the zoo enjoying time with the animals, but supporting the Calgary Zoo will do more than just give your kids a fun day out. It will warm your heart to know that it’s operated by the not-for-profit Calgary Zoological Society, Alberta’s oldest registered charity, and maintains its status as a conservation organization by working toward saving animals from becoming endangered.

Supporting the zoo means more research into preserving important species, better understanding wildlife, and improving the overall welfare of our animal friends. You can feel good knowing your children are learning about these species in an ethical environment.

StoryBook Theatre

StoryBook is Calgary’s longest-running musical theater company, and the largest theater run only by volunteers. It’s the perfect place to get your child’s feet wet in the world of theater. If you’re interested in attending performances with your child, there are plenty to enjoy each season. Kids can also attend classes or workshops where they can get involved directly with performance art in a way that’s both education and fun.


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