Ferrari 488 Pista vs McLaren 720S vs Lamborghini Aventador SV: DRAG RACE!

Ferrari 488 Pista Is the Ultimate V-8 Ferrari

I just had some serious alone time in Maranello with a Ferrari 488 Pista, a car that will start at $350,050 when it arrives this winter. Ferrari’s only instructions were to go drive and be back in time for lunch at Ristorante Cavallino next to the factory. Press launches are never this laid back, and there’s always another media member along as a drive partner who has to listen to your nonsense, but they’re also waiting for their chance to drive, ready to steal your seat time.

Without a passenger to talk to, I’m left with questions bouncing in my head, which you now get to hear. Like why do people open the shades on airplanes when there’s turbulence? Are they expecting to see a construction crew? Or, when exactly in our lives does a smock become an apron? I think it happens around age 10.

Alone time can be very special, though, and the 488 Pista is so speciale.

Except it’s not called Speciale. It’s the 488 Pista—pista is Italian for “track”—and it’s the fourth in a line of limited-edition, track-focused versions of Ferrari’s mid-engine V-8 two-seaters. The first was the 2004 360 Challenge Stradale, a car so good it made you feel like you should really be doing more with your life. Next came the 430 Scuderia, another stripped-down, ridiculously quick and rare Ferrari that we tested in Italy in 2009 as part of a comparison test with an Audi R8 V10. That Scuderia didn’t have floor mats or windows that opened. The Audi did. The Audi lost. The 458 Speciale followed. It more than lived up to its name.


McLaren 720s Spider

The 720S Spider is a perfect example of this. It’s a car that delivers the best of both worlds… a convertible supercar that’s every bit as thrilling as the Coupe. That means the same nerve-tingling rush, now available with the roof down.

This is a car for those who see more… who look beyond convention and seek out the extraordinary. The 720S Spider is a full-throttle supercar with a retractable roof – all in one beautifully honed package.

Kombinierter Verbrauch: 12.2 l/100km (23.2 mpg) | CO2-Emissionen Kombiniert: 276g/km

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At McLaren, we believe it’s the elegance of an efficient design. That’s why nothing about the 720S Spider is there for any reason other than out-and-out performance. The dihedral doors may turn heads. But part of their function is to cool the high temperature radiator through air channels in the innovative double skin (and help you access tighter parking spaces). While the new glazed floating cantrails that support the roof also improve powertrain cooling and increase downforce, without increasing drag.

The beating heart of the 720S is a new and fearsomely powerful M840T engine with 720PS. Press the start button and the twin-turbo V8 comes alive with a potent growl that ignites your senses and focuses your mind. Bathed in vibrant red light, every part of this 4.0-litre unit is refined to maximise power, sharpen responses, and increase fuel efficiency.


Lamborghini Aventador SV

The groundbreaking innovations we introduced with the Aventador marked the beginning of a new era for super sports cars. With the Aventador SV Coupé we have completely redefined the concept.
The Superveloce has been designed as the sportiest Lamborghini ever, thanks to a further improved naturally aspirated V12 engine, engineering solutions geared to extreme lightness, and a mix of innovative technological features, such as the magnetorheological push-rod suspension and the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering system.
Every element of the SV has been developed following the “Design to Weight” concept, with the lowest possible weight and highest possible performance, to make it the fastest and most exciting Lamborghini of all time.
A super sports car in its purest form. Here are all the features and the technical specifications for the Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Coupé.

What is the performance of an Aventador Superveloce Coupé like? Think about what a Lamborghini driving experience can offer you.
Unmatched performance, thanks to the power of a naturally aspirated V12 engine and the ability to manage it according to your needs, together with the quality and the exclusiveness of the finest materials, skillfully crafted by the best Italian artisans.
Now imagine this phenomenal vehicle on the race track, and how you will feel when you are experiencing the thrill of a race.

Listen to the roaring 750 CV champing at the bit just behind you. This is the Aventador Superveloce.

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