Final Fantasy XIV’s Huge Newfound Adventure Patch Is Live Now


Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.1, dubbed Newfound Adventure, is out now and ready for players to explore a wealth of new content. The patch adds a bunch of new main storyline quests, a new alliance raid, a PVP mode named Crystalline Conflict, and more new content, as well as a bunch of quality of life updates and bug fixes.

With the new patch installed, players will be able to continue the story post-Endwalker in the Newfound Adventure quest, with 10 new main scenario quests added in total. A new alliance raid series called Myths of the Realm has also been added, seeing players investigating the mysteries of the Twelve. Check here for a more in-depth look at the story content being added in this patch and future 6.1X updates.


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One of the major new features added in the 6.1 update is the new Crystalline Conflict PVP mode, which sees players engaging in tactical arena combat in teams of up to five players per side. Players will have to fight to maintain control of the Tactical Crystal, guiding it through multiple checkpoints to the team’s goal point. Crystalline Conflict unlocks upon completing the level 30 quest A Pup No Longer for your Grand Company.

Similar to the Feast, Crystalline Conflict has both casual modes and a ranked mode, with six ranked tiers including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crystal. Each tier except Crystal is further divided into a number of “risers” for players to progress through. Unlike the Feast, players won’t be demoted to a lower tier during the season, and instead will only lose progress within that tier.

Another major addition in Patch 6.1 is Duty Support, a system designed to let solo players tackle main scenario duties with the help of a team of NPCs. At first, only a certain number of the main scenario quests will be supported for Duty Support, with A Realm Reborn, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker included in that number. Duty Support for prior content and other expansions will be added in future updates. In all applicable duties, the Duty Support icon will be shown at the entrance, allowing players to choose to enter the dungeon with a group of NPCs.

The new update also adds a heap of new items, housing updates, and quality-of-life changes, as well as a handful of bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes here for more details on everything that has been added with Patch 6.1.

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