Fortnite 19.30 Patch Notes (February 22): The Bows Are Back In Town

Fortnite 19.30 Patch Notes (February 22): The Bows Are Back In Town

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The Fortnite 19.30 February 22 patch is bringing archery back to the battle royale, as bows make their triumphant return to the weapons rotation.

Mechanical Explosive Bows, Mechanical Shockwave Bows, Primal Flame Bows, and Primal Stink Bows have been added to the game, each of which can be found in chests and as random floor loot. Arrows can also be found lying around, with each bow holding up to 31 arrows at a time.

The Mechanical Explosive Bow And The Primal Flame Bow Are Among The New Weapons Now Available.
The Mechanical Explosive Bow and the Primal Flame Bow are among the new weapons now available.

The bows added through the Fortnite 19.30 February 22 patch all debuted during Chapter 2 Season 6, the Primal season that added characters like Lara Croft and DC Comics’ Raven to the game. A limited-time event themed around the new weapons–called Bownanza Week–has also begun and will run until March 1 at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET.

Bows are the latest addition to Fortnite’s available loot, following the Pizza Party and Shield Keg items from earlier in the season. The new weapons fit right in with the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop skins added to the game recently, as well as the Uncharted bundle featuring Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in both their movie and video game adaptations.

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