Fortnite adds ‘Chonker’ tire vehicle mods in v16.20 update

Fortnite adds ‘Chonker’ tire vehicle mods in v16.20 update

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The Mythic Primal Shotgun has been removed from the game (Phew!)



Epic’s ‘v16.20’ update for Fortnite includes several exciting changes and additions to the popular battle royale game. From ‘Chonkers’ to removing the mythic Primal Shotgun, Season 6 of Fortnite has got the wheels turning.

Epic has been teasing vehicle attachments for a while now and they’ve finally been added to the game in ‘v16.20.’ New tire mods, or as Epic is calling them, ‘Chonkers’ (not the same as chubby cats), have been added to the game that allow players to control vehicles better and drive smoother in off-road situations.

Along with better control comes better traction, the Chonkers enable you to climb steep terrain, like mountains (which are everywhere on the map) with ease. To use them, you need to find a set first. Chonkers are scattered around the map in gas stations and garages. Check the map below to see the location of each gas station.


Once you find a Chonker, all you need to do is hold aim and throw the tires directly at any driveable vehicle and voilà; you have an off-road 4×4 that looks like a monster truck at your service.

Credible leaker HYPEX said on Twitter that this is only the introduction of vehicle attachments in Fortnite and that more attachments like mounted guns might be added soon.

There’s 2 more unreleased car mods categories, one is called “Front Bumpers” which has one item in it called “Scoop” and the other is “Rear Bumper” which has one item in it called “Mega Booster”, also the old unreleased cars mounted gun.. AND we MIGHT get interactable mod garages

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) April 13, 2021

In its tweet, Epic hinted at new large-lobby matchmaking support. With v16.20, the option to create up to 50-player creative lobbies is now available to everyone.

Epic also added a note telling players that this is just the first phase of large-scale matchmaking for creative, reminding players that bugs and issues are inevitable and that it will fix them as they’re discovered.

v16.20 rolls in with:
🚙​ Trick out your ride with new wheels

🹠Sharpen those bow skills and focus up for a special Duos Cup

🤯 50-player matchmaking in Creative


— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) April 12, 2021

One of the most overpowered and controversial guns — the Mythic Primal Shotgun, which could only be found by killing the Spire guardian — has finally been removed from Fortnite and has been replaced by the new Mythic Recycler gun. The gun features a magazine size of three bullets and does 86 damage per shot.

HYPEX also tweeted about two new bows being added to the game files, the Grappler bow and the Splinter bow.

Check the tweet below for the soon-to-come bows’ stats.

2 New Bows!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) April 13, 2021

Epic also announced the next character that will be added to its long list of crossover skins.

The developer’s blog post reads, “Having honed her skills in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by machines, Aloy — the hero from Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West — is now ready to take on Fortnite’s Primal season.â€

Skins and other cosmetic items from Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive in the Fortnite shop on April 13th. As a bonus to Sony’s current-gen console owners, anyone that owns the Aloy skin and plays Fortnite on a PlayStation 5 will unlock the exclusive ‘Ice Hunter Aloy Style.’ If that wasn’t enough, PlayStation players are also getting an exclusive tournament on April 14th, where the top-performing teams from each region will receive the bundle for free.

Epic Games is also working to fix bugs that sneaked into the update.

We’re investigating two separate issues with competitive playlists.
1. Players cannot see Arena playlists in the playlist select menu.
2. When queuing into competitive playlists (Arena or tournaments), the queue will cancel automatically. (1/2)

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) April 2, 2021

Source: Epic

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